Overview of Functional Cell Assays

Peter S. Rabinovitch1, J. Paul Robinson2

1 University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, 2 Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Publication Name:  Current Protocols in Cytometry
Unit Number:  Unit 9.1
DOI:  10.1002/0471142956.cy0901s21
Online Posting Date:  May, 2002
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Flow cytometry can measure a variety of functional parameters of increasing interest to cell biologists and clinicians. The distinguishing feature of these assays is that the information of interest is the functional behavior of the cell itself, rather than the phenotype. This unit discusses cell viability, oxidative metabolism, membrane potential, intracellular ionized calcium, intracellular pH, intracellular organelles, and gene reporter assays.

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Table of Contents

  • Cell Viability
  • Oxidative Metabolism
  • Membrane Potential
  • Intracellular Ionized Calcium
  • Intracellular pH
  • Intracellular Organelles
  • Gene Reporter Assays
  • Literature Cited
  • Tables
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