Methods to Crystallize RNA

Adrian R. Ferré‐D'Amaré1, Jennifer A. Doudna2

1 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington, 2 Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Publication Name:  Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Unit Number:  Unit 7.6
DOI:  10.1002/0471142700.nc0706s00
Online Posting Date:  May, 2001
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Preparation of suitably large and well‐ordered single crystals is usually the rate‐limiting step in the determination of the three‐dimensional structure of RNAs and their complexes with proteins by X‐ray crystallography. This unit discusses a variety of experimental considerations for obtaining crystals of RNAs and RNA‐protein complexes. Topics include design of crystallizable constructs, screening, and optimization of crystallization conditions.

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Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Construct Design
  • Sample Preparation and Analysis
  • Crystallization Trials
  • Optimization of Crystallization Conditions
  • Conclusion
  • Literature Cited
  • Figures
  • Tables
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