Investigating Solution‐Phase Protein Structure and Dynamics by Hydrogen Exchange Mass Spectrometry

Christopher R. Morgan1, John R. Engen1

1 Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
Publication Name:  Current Protocols in Protein Science
Unit Number:  Unit 17.6
DOI:  10.1002/0471140864.ps1706s58
Online Posting Date:  November, 2009
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By taking advantage of labeling methods such as hydrogen exchange (HX), many details about protein conformation, dynamics, and interactions can be revealed by mass spectrometry. In this unit, hydrogen exchange theory is discussed as it applies to HX‐MS protocols, the practice of HX‐MS including data analysis and interpretation is explained in detail, and recent advancements in technology which greatly increase the depth of information gained from the technique are highlighted. Curr. Protoc. Protein Sci. 58:17.6.1‐17.9.17. © 2009 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Keywords: proteins; mass spectrometry; hydrogen exchange

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Hydrogen Exchange Background
  • Protocols
  • Data Interpretation
  • Practical Pointers
  • Future Perspectives
  • Summary
  • Acknowledgements
  • Literature Cited
  • Figures
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