Methods for the Detection of Autophagy in Mammalian Cells

Ziyan Zhang1, Rajat Singh2, Michael Aschner1

1 Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York, 2 Institute for Aging Studies, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York
Publication Name:  Current Protocols in Toxicology
Unit Number:  Unit 20.12
DOI:  10.1002/cptx.11
Online Posting Date:  August, 2016
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Macroautophagy (hereafter referred to as autophagy) is a degradation pathway that delivers cytoplasmic materials to lysosomes via double‐membraned vesicles designated autophagosomes. Cytoplasmic constituents are sequestered into autophagosomes, which subsequently fuse with lysosomes, where the cargo is degraded. Autophagy is a crucial mechanism involved in many aspects of cell function, including cellular metabolism and energy balance; alterations in autophagy have been linked to various human pathological processes. Thus, methods that accurately measure autophagic activity are necessary. In this unit, we introduce several approaches to analyze autophagy in mammalian cells, including immunoblotting analysis of LC3 and p62, detection of autophagosome formation by fluorescence microscopy, and monitoring autophagosome maturation by tandem mRFP‐GFP fluorescence microscopy. Overall, we recommend a combined use of multiple methods to accurately assess the autophagic activity in any given biological setting. © 2016 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Keywords: autophagy; autophagic flux; fluorescence microscopy; immunoblotting; LC3; p62

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Basic Protocol 1: Monitoring LC3 Turnover by Immunoblotting to Assess Autophagic Flux
  • Alternate Protocol 1: Monitoring Autophagic Degradation of P62/SQSTM1 by Immunoblotting
  • Basic Protocol 2: Monitoring the Number of Autophagosomes by Visualizing LC3 Puncta Using Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Alternate Protocol 2: Use of Tandem Fluorescent‐Tagged LC3 to Assess Autophagic Flux
  • Reagents and Solutions
  • Commentary
  • Literature Cited
  • Figures
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Basic Protocol 1: Monitoring LC3 Turnover by Immunoblotting to Assess Autophagic Flux

  • Cultured cell line or primary culture of interest
  • Growth medium for cells of interest
  • Lysosome inhibitors:
    • 10 mM (100×) leupeptin stock solution
    • 2 M (100×) NH 4Cl stock solution (see recipe)
  • Drug(s) or treatment(s) to be tested
  • Lysis buffer (see recipe), precooled
  • 1× phosphate‐buffered saline (PBS), pH 7.4 (see recipe for 10×)
  • Protein quantitation assay kit (e.g., Pierce BCA protein assay kit)
  • 6× sample loading buffer (see recipe)
  • 12% pre‐cast SDS‐PAGE gels (Bio‐Rad)
  • Running buffer (see recipe)
  • Pre‐stained molecular weight marker
  • Methanol
  • Transfer buffer (see recipe), ice‐cold
  • Blocking buffer: 5% (w/v) bovine serum albumin (BSA) in TBST (see recipe for TBST)
  • Primary antibody to detect LC3 (rabbit polyclonal anti‐LC3B antibody; Cell Signaling cat. no. 2775)
  • Primary antibody to detect β‐actin (mouse monoclonal anti‐β‐actin antibody; Sigma, cat. no. A1978)
  • Tris‐buffered saline with Tween 20 (TBST, see recipe)
  • Secondary antibodies: horseradish peroxidase (HRP)‐conjugated goat anti‐rabbit IgG (Thermo Scientific, cat. no. 31460) and HRP‐conjugated goat anti‐mouse IgG (Thermo Scientific, cat no. 31432)
  • Enhanced chemiluminescent (ECL) substrate (SuperSignal West Pico Chemiluminescent Substrate; Thermo Scientific, cat. no. 34080)
  • Restore Western Blot Stripping Buffer (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • 6‐well culture plates
  • Plastic cell scraper
  • Probe sonicator (Sonics & Materials, Inc., Vibra‐Cell VC130)
  • Heat block
  • Electrophoresis chamber (Mini‐PROTEAN Tetra Cell, BioRad)
  • Power supply
  • Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) protein blotting membrane
  • Protein transfer apparatus (Mini Trans‐Blot Cell, Bio‐Rad)
  • Rocking platform
  • Film cassette
  • X‐ray film
  • Automated film developer
  • Software for data analysis (e.g., ImageJ)

Alternate Protocol 1: Monitoring Autophagic Degradation of P62/SQSTM1 by Immunoblotting

  Additional Materials (also see protocol 1)
  • 8% pre‐cast SDS‐PAGE gels (BioRad)
  • Primary antibody to detect p62 (rabbit polyclonal anti‐p62 antibody; Enzo Life Science)

Basic Protocol 2: Monitoring the Number of Autophagosomes by Visualizing LC3 Puncta Using Fluorescence Microscopy

  • 95% ethanol
  • 0.001% (w/v) poly‐L‐lysine (sterile)
  • Cells of interest: untransfected cells and/or cells stably expressing GFP‐LC3
  • Growth medium for cells of interest
  • GFP‐LC3 plasmid (Kabeya et al., )
  • Transfection reagent: Lipofectamine 2000 (Invitrogen)
  • Growth medium for cells of interest containing appropriate experimental treatment
  • 1× phosphate‐buffered saline (PBS), pH 7.4 (see recipe)
  • Fixative: 4% paraformaldehyde in 1× PBS (see recipe) or 100% methanol (store overnight at −20°C)
  • Blocking buffer [5% (v/v) goat serum/0.25% (v/v) Triton X‐100 in 1× PBS; prepare fresh and store up to 1 day at 4°C]
  • Antibody dilution buffer [1% (v/v) goat serum/0.25% (v/v) Triton X‐100 in 1× PBS; prepare fresh and store up to 1 day at 4°C)
  • Primary antibody to detect LC3 (rabbit polyclonal anti‐LC3B antibody; Cell Signaling, cat. no. 2775)
  • Secondary antibody: goat anti‐rabbit conjugated to Alexa Fluor 488 (Thermo Fisher Scientific, cat. no. A11008)
  • Mounting medium with DAPI (Vector Laboratories)
  • Nail polish, clear
  • 13 × 13‐mm or 22 × 22‐mm glass coverslips
  • 6‐well culture plates or 35‐mm Petri dishes
  • Forceps
  • Humidified chamber: place a large piece of parafilm at the bottom of a 150‐mm Petri dish and surround the parafilm with small pieces of moist paper towels (make sure that the moist paper towels are not in direct contact with the parafilm)
  • Glass microscope slides
  • Confocal or wide‐field fluorescence microscope
  • Software for data analysis (e.g., ImageJ)
NOTE: Do not allow the cells to dry out during any steps. Keep the coverslip in a 35‐mm Petri dish, aspirate off buffer washes, and then add new buffer to the dish. Perform changes of buffer and coverslip transfer quickly.

Alternate Protocol 2: Use of Tandem Fluorescent‐Tagged LC3 to Assess Autophagic Flux

  Additional Materials (also see protocol 3)
  • Cells of interest: untransfected cells and/stable transformants expressing mRFP‐GFP‐LC3
  • mRFP‐GFP‐LC3 plasmid (Kimura et al., )
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L., Galy, V., Gammoh, N., Gandy, S., Ganesan, A.K., Ganesan, S., Ganley, I.G., Gannage, M., Gao, F.B., Gao, F., Gao, J.X., Garcia Nannig, L., Garcia Vescovi, E., Garcia‐Macia, M., Garcia‐Ruiz, C., Garg, A.D., Garg, P.K., Gargini, R., Gassen, N.C., Gatica, D., Gatti, E., Gavard, J., Gavathiotis, E., Ge, L., Ge, P., Ge, S., Gean, P.W., Gelmetti, V., Genazzani, A.A., Geng, J., Genschik, P., Gerner, L., Gestwicki, J.E., Gewirtz, D.A., Ghavami, S., Ghigo, E., Ghosh, D., Giammarioli, A.M., Giampieri, F., Giampietri, C., Giatromanolaki, A., Gibbings, D.J., Gibellini, L., Gibson, S.B., Ginet, V., Giordano, A., Giorgini, F., Giovannetti, E., Girardin, S.E., Gispert, S., Giuliano, S., Gladson, C.L., Glavic, A., Gleave, M., Godefroy, N., Gogal, R.M., Jr., Gokulan, K., Goldman, G.H., Goletti, D., Goligorsky, M.S., Gomes, A.V., Gomes, L.C., Gomez, H., Gomez‐Manzano, C., Gomez‐Sanchez, R., Goncalves, D.A., Goncu, E., Gong, Q., Gongora, C., Gonzalez, C.B., Gonzalez‐Alegre, P., Gonzalez‐Cabo, P., Gonzalez‐Polo, R.A., Goping, I.S., Gorbea, C., Gorbunov, N.V., Goring, D.R., Gorman, A.M., Gorski, S.M., Goruppi, S., Goto‐Yamada, S., Gotor, C., Gottlieb, R.A., Gozes, I., Gozuacik, D., Graba, Y., Graef, M., Granato, G.E., Grant, G.D., Grant, S., Gravina, G.L., Green, D.R., Greenhough, A., Greenwood, M.T., Grimaldi, B., Gros, F., Grose, C., Groulx, J.F., Gruber, F., Grumati, P., Grune, T., Guan, J.L., Guan, K.L., Guerra, B., Guillen, C., Gulshan, K., Gunst, J., Guo, C., Guo, L., Guo, M., Guo, W., Guo, X.G., Gust, A.A., Gustafsson, A.B., Gutierrez, E., Gutierrez, M.G., Gwak, H.S., Haas, A., Haber, J.E., Hadano, S., Hagedorn, M., Hahn, D.R., Halayko, A.J., Hamacher‐Brady, A., Hamada, K., Hamai, A., Hamann, A., Hamasaki, M., Hamer, I., Hamid, Q., Hammond, E.M., Han, F., Han, W., Handa, J.T., Hanover, J.A., Hansen, M., Harada, M., Harhaji‐Trajkovic, L., Harper, J.W., Harrath, A.H., Harris, A.L., Harris, J., Hasler, U., Hasselblatt, P., Hasui, K., Hawley, R.G., Hawley, T.S., He, C., He, C.Y., He, F., He, G., He, R.R., He, X.H., He, Y.W., He, Y.Y., Heath, J.K., Hebert, M.J., Heinzen, R.A., Helgason, G.V., Hensel, M., Henske, E.P., Her, C., Herman, P.K., Hernandez, A., Hernandez, C., Hernandez‐Tiedra, S., Hetz, C., Hiesinger, P.R., Higaki, K., Hilfiker, S., Hill, B.G., Hill, J.A., Hill, W.D., Hino, K., Hofius, D., Hofman, P., Hoglinger, G.U., Hohfeld, J., Holz, M.K., Hong, Y., Hood, D.A., Hoozemans, J.J., Hoppe, T., Hsu, C., Hsu, C.Y., Hsu, L.C., Hu, D., Hu, G., Hu, H.M., Hu, H., Hu, M.C., Hu, Y.C., Hu, Z.W., Hua, F., Hua, Y., Huang, C., Huang, H.L., Huang, K.H., Huang, K.Y., Huang, S., Huang, S., Huang, W.P., Huang, Y.R., Huang, Y., Huang, Y., Huber, T.B., Huebbe, P., Huh, W.K., Hulmi, J.J., Hur, G.M., Hurley, J.H., Husak, Z., Hussain, S.N., Hussain, S., Hwang, J.J., Hwang, S., Hwang, T.I., Ichihara, A., Imai, Y., Imbriano, C., Inomata, M., Into, T., Iovane, V., Iovanna, J.L., Iozzo, R.V., Ip, N.Y., Irazoqui, J.E., Iribarren, P., Isaka, Y., Isakovic, A.J., Ischiropoulos, H., Isenberg, J.S., Ishaq, M., Ishida, H., Ishii, I., Ishmael, J.E., Isidoro, C., Isobe, K.I., Isono, E., Issazadeh‐Navikas, S., Itahana, K., Itakura, E., Ivanov, A.I., Iyer, A.K., Izquierdo, J.M., Izumi, Y., Izzo, V., Jaattela, M., Jaber, N., Jackson, D.J., Jackson, W.T., Jacob, T.G., Jacques, T.S., Jagannath, C., Jain, A., Jana, N.R., Jang, B.K., Jani, A., Janji, B., Jannig, P.R., Jansson, P.J., Jean, S., Jendrach, M., Jeon, J.H., Jessen, N., Jeung, E.B., Jia, K., Jia, L., Jiang, H., Jiang, H., Jiang, L., Jiang, T., Jiang, X., Jiang, X., Jiang, X., Jiang, Y., Jiang, Y., Jimenez, A., Jin, C., Jin, H., Jin, L., Jin, M., Jin, S., Jinwal, U.K., Jo, E.K., Johansen, T., Johnson, D.E., Johnson, G.V., Johnson, J.D., Jonasch, E., Jones, C., Joosten, L.A., Jordan, J., Joseph, A.M., Joseph, B., Joubert, A.M., Ju, D., Ju, J., Juan, H.F., Juenemann, K., Juhasz, G., Jung, H.S., Jung, J.U., Jung, Y.K., Jungbluth, H., Justice, M.J., Jutten, B., Kaakoush, N.O., Kaarniranta, K., Kaasik, A., Kabuta, T., Kaeffer, B., Kagedal, K., Kahana, A., Kajimura, S., Kakhlon, O., Kalia, M., Kalvakolanu, D.V., Kamada, Y., Kambas, K., Kaminskyy, V.O., Kampinga, H.H., Kandouz, M., Kang, C., Kang, R., Kang, T.C., Kanki, T., Kanneganti, T.D., Kanno, H., Kanthasamy, A.G., Kantorow, M., Kaparakis‐Liaskos, M., Kapuy, O., Karantza, V., Karim, M.R., Karmakar, P., Kaser, A., Kaushik, S., Kawula, T., Kaynar, A.M., Ke, P.Y., Ke, Z.J., Kehrl, J.H., Keller, K.E., Kemper, J.K., Kenworthy, A.K., Kepp, O., Kern, A., Kesari, S., Kessel, D., Ketteler, R., Kettelhut, I.D., Khambu, B., Khan, M.M., Khandelwal, V.K., Khare, S., Kiang, J.G., Kiger, A.A., Kihara, A., Kim, A.L., Kim, C.H., Kim, D.R., Kim, D.H., Kim, E.K., Kim, H.Y., Kim, H.R., Kim, J.S., Kim, J.H., Kim, J.C., Kim, J.H., Kim, K.W., Kim, M.D., Kim, M.M., Kim, P.K., Kim, S.W., Kim, S.Y., Kim, Y.S., Kim, Y., Kimchi, A., Kimmelman, A.C., Kimura, T., King, J.S., Kirkegaard, K., Kirkin, V., Kirshenbaum, L.A., Kishi, S., Kitajima, Y., Kitamoto, K., Kitaoka, Y., Kitazato, K., Kley, R.A., Klimecki, W.T., Klinkenberg, M., Klucken, J., Knaevelsrud, H., Knecht, E., Knuppertz, L., Ko, J.L., Kobayashi, S., Koch, J.C., Koechlin‐Ramonatxo, C., Koenig, U., Koh, Y.H., Kohler, K., Kohlwein, S.D., Koike, M., Komatsu, M., Kominami, E., Kong, D., Kong, H.J., Konstantakou, E.G., Kopp, B.T., Korcsmaros, T., Korhonen, L., Korolchuk, V.I., Koshkina, N.V., Kou, Y., Koukourakis, M.I., Koumenis, C., Kovacs, A.L., Kovacs, T., Kovacs, W.J., Koya, D., Kraft, C., Krainc, D., Kramer, H., Kravic‐Stevovic, T., Krek, W., Kretz‐Remy, C., Krick, R., Krishnamurthy, M., Kriston‐Vizi, J., Kroemer, G., Kruer, M.C., Kruger, R., Ktistakis, N.T., Kuchitsu, K., Kuhn, C., Kumar, A.P., Kumar, A., Kumar, A., Kumar, D., Kumar, D., Kumar, R., Kumar, S., Kundu, M., Kung, H.J., Kuno, A., Kuo, S.H., Kuret, J., Kurz, T., Kwok, T., Kwon, T.K., Kwon, Y.T., Kyrmizi, I., La Spada, A.R., Lafont, F., Lahm, T., Lakkaraju, A., Lam, T., Lamark, T., Lancel, S., Landowski, T.H., Lane, D.J., Lane, J.D., Lanzi, C., Lapaquette, P., Lapierre, L.R., Laporte, J., Laukkarinen, J., Laurie, G.W., Lavandero, S., Lavie, L., LaVoie, M.J., Law, B.Y., Law, H.K., Law, K.B., Layfield, R., Lazo, P.A., Le Cam, L., Le Roch, K.G., Le Stunff, H., Leardkamolkarn, V., Lecuit, M., Lee, B.H., Lee, C.H., Lee, E.F., Lee, G.M., Lee, H.J., Lee, H., Lee, J.K., Lee, J., Lee, J.H., Lee, J.H., Lee, M., Lee, M.S., Lee, P.J., Lee, S.W., Lee, S.J., Lee, S.J., Lee, S.Y., Lee, S.H., Lee, S.S., Lee, S.J., Lee, S., Lee, Y.R., Lee, Y.J., Lee, Y.H., Leeuwenburgh, C., Lefort, S., Legouis, R., Lei, J., Lei, Q.Y., Leib, D.A., Leibowitz, G., Lekli, I., Lemaire, S.D., Lemasters, J.J., Lemberg, M.K., Lemoine, A., Leng, S., Lenz, G., Lenzi, P., Lerman, L.O., Lettieri Barbato, D., Leu, J.I., Leung, H.Y., Levine, B., Lewis, P.A., Lezoualc'h, F., Li, C., Li, F., Li, F.J., Li, J., Li, K., Li, L., Li, M., Li, M., Li, Q., Li, R., Li, S., Li, W., Li, W., Li, X., Li, Y., Lian, J., Liang, C., Liang, Q., Liao, Y., Liberal, J., Liberski, P.P., Lie, P., Lieberman, A.P., Lim, H.J., Lim, K.L., Lim, K., Lima, R.T., Lin, C.S., Lin, C.F., Lin, F., Lin, F., Lin, F.C., Lin, K., Lin, K.H., Lin, P.H., Lin, T., Lin, W.W., Lin, Y.S., Lin, Y., Linden, R., Lindholm, D., Lindqvist, L.M., Lingor, P., Linkermann, A., Liotta, L.A., Lipinski, M.M., Lira, V.A., Lisanti, M.P., Liton, P.B., Liu, B., Liu, C., Liu, C.F., Liu, F., Liu, H.J., Liu, J., Liu, J.J., Liu, J.L., Liu, K., Liu, L., Liu, L., Liu, Q., Liu, R.Y., Liu, S., Liu, S., Liu, W., Liu, X.D., Liu, X., Liu, X.H., Liu, X., Liu, X., Liu, X., Liu, Y., Liu, Y., Liu, Z., Liu, Z., Liuzzi, J.P., Lizard, G., Ljujic, M., Lodhi, I.J., Logue, S.E., Lokeshwar, B.L., Long, Y.C., Lonial, S., Loos, B., Lopez‐Otin, C., Lopez‐Vicario, C., Lorente, M., Lorenzi, P.L., Lorincz, P., Los, M., Lotze, M.T., Lovat, P.E., Lu, B., Lu, B., Lu, J., Lu, Q., Lu, S.M., Lu, S., Lu, Y., Luciano, F., Luckhart, S., Lucocq, J.M., Ludovico, P., Lugea, A., Lukacs, N.W., Lum, J.J., Lund, A.H., Luo, H., Luo, J., Luo, S., Luparello, C., Lyons, T., Ma, J., Ma, Y., Ma, Y., Ma, Z., Machado, J., Machado‐Santelli, G.M., Macian, F., MacIntosh, G.C., MacKeigan, J.P., Macleod, K.F., MacMicking, J.D., MacMillan‐Crow, L.A., Madeo, F., Madesh, M., Madrigal‐Matute, J., Maeda, A., Maeda, T., Maegawa, G., Maellaro, E., Maes, H., Magarinos, M., Maiese, K., Maiti, T.K., Maiuri, L., Maiuri, M.C., Maki, C.G., Malli, R., Malorni, W., Maloyan, A., Mami‐Chouaib, F., Man, N., Mancias, J.D., Mandelkow, E.M., Mandell, M.A., Manfredi, A.A., Manie, S.N., Manzoni, C., Mao, K., Mao, Z., Mao, Z.W., Marambaud, P., Marconi, A.M., Marelja, Z., Marfe, G., Margeta, M., Margittai, E., Mari, M., Mariani, F.V., Marin, C., Marinelli, S., Marino, G., Markovic, I., Marquez, R., Martelli, A.M., Martens, S., Martin, K.R., Martin, S.J., Martin, S., Martin‐Acebes, M.A., Martin‐Sanz, P., Martinand‐Mari, C., Martinet, W., Martinez, J., Martinez‐Lopez, N., Martinez‐Outschoorn, U., Martinez‐Velazquez, M., Martinez‐Vicente, M., Martins, W.K., Mashima, H., Mastrianni, J.A., Matarese, G., Matarrese, P., Mateo, R., Matoba, S., Matsumoto, N., Matsushita, T., Matsuura, A., Matsuzawa, T., Mattson, M.P., Matus, S., Maugeri, N., Mauvezin, C., Mayer, A., Maysinger, D., Mazzolini, G.D., McBrayer, M.K., McCall, K., McCormick, C., McInerney, G.M., McIver, S.C., McKenna, S., McMahon, J.J., McNeish, I.A., Mechta‐Grigoriou, F., Medema, J.P., Medina, D.L., Megyeri, K., Mehrpour, M., Mehta, J.L., Mei, Y., Meier, U.C., Meijer, A.J., Melendez, A., Melino, G., Melino, S., de Melo, E.J., Mena, M.A., Meneghini, M.D., Menendez, J.A., Menezes, R., Meng, L., Meng, L.H., Meng, S., Menghini, R., Menko, A.S., Menna‐Barreto, R.F., Menon, M.B., Meraz‐Rios, M.A., Merla, G., Merlini, L., Merlot, A.M., Meryk, A., Meschini, S., Meyer, J.N., Mi, M.T., Miao, C.Y., Micale, L., Michaeli, S., Michiels, C., Migliaccio, A.R., Mihailidou, A.S., Mijaljica, D., Mikoshiba, K., Milan, E., Miller‐Fleming, L., Mills, G.B., Mills, I.G., Minakaki, G., Minassian, B.A., Ming, X.F., Minibayeva, F., Minina, E.A., Mintern, J.D., Minucci, S., Miranda‐Vizuete, A., Mitchell, C.H., Miyamoto, S., Miyazawa, K., Mizushima, N., Mnich, K., Mograbi, B., Mohseni, S., Moita, L.F., Molinari, M., Molinari, M., Moller, A.B., Mollereau, B., Mollinedo, F., Mongillo, M., Monick, M.M., Montagnaro, S., Montell, C., Moore, D.J., Moore, M.N., Mora‐Rodriguez, R., Moreira, P.I., Morel, E., Morelli, M.B., Moreno, S., Morgan, M.J., Moris, A., Moriyasu, Y., Morrison, J.L., Morrison, L.A., Morselli, E., Moscat, J., Moseley, P.L., Mostowy, S., Motori, E., Mottet, D., Mottram, J.C., Moussa, C.E., Mpakou, V.E., Mukhtar, H., Mulcahy Levy, J.M., Muller, S., Munoz‐Moreno, R., Munoz‐Pinedo, C., Munz, C., Murphy, M.E., Murray, J.T., Murthy, A., Mysorekar, I.U., Nabi, I.R., Nabissi, M., Nader, G.A., Nagahara, Y., Nagai, Y., Nagata, K., Nagelkerke, A., Nagy, P., Naidu, S.R., Nair, S., Nakano, H., Nakatogawa, H., Nanjundan, M., Napolitano, G., Naqvi, N.I., Nardacci, R., Narendra, D.P., Narita, M., Nascimbeni, A.C., Natarajan, R., Navegantes, L.C., Nawrocki, S.T., Nazarko, T.Y., Nazarko, V.Y., Neill, T., Neri, L.M., Netea, M.G., Netea‐Maier, R.T., Neves, B.M., Ney, P.A., Nezis, I.P., Nguyen, H.T., Nguyen, H.P., Nicot, A.S., Nilsen, H., Nilsson, P., Nishimura, M., Nishino, I., Niso‐Santano, M., Niu, H., Nixon, R.A., Njar, V.C., Noda, T., Noegel, A.A., Nolte, E.M., Norberg, E., Norga, K.K., Noureini, S.K., Notomi, S., Notterpek, L., Nowikovsky, K., Nukina, N., Nurnberger, T., O'Donnell, V.B., O'Donovan, T., O'Dwyer, P.J., Oehme, I., Oeste, C.L., Ogawa, M., Ogretmen, B., Ogura, Y., Oh, Y.J., Ohmuraya, M., Ohshima, T., Ojha, R., Okamoto, K., Okazaki, T., Oliver, F.J., Ollinger, K., Olsson, S., Orban, D.P., Ordonez, P., Orhon, I., Orosz, L., O'Rourke, E.J., Orozco, H., Ortega, A.L., Ortona, E., Osellame, L.D., Oshima, J., Oshima, S., Osiewacz, H.D., Otomo, T., Otsu, K., Ou, J.J., Outeiro, T.F., Ouyang, D.Y., Ouyang, H., Overholtzer, M., Ozbun, M.A., Ozdinler, P.H., Ozpolat, B., Pacelli, C., Paganetti, P., Page, G., Pages, G., Pagnini, U., Pajak, B., Pak, S.C., Pakos‐Zebrucka, K., Pakpour, N., Palkova, Z., Palladino, F., Pallauf, K., Pallet, N., Palmieri, M., Paludan, S.R., Palumbo, C., Palumbo, S., Pampliega, O., Pan, H., Pan, W., Panaretakis, T., Pandey, A., Pantazopoulou, A., Papackova, Z., Papademetrio, D.L., Papassideri, I., Papini, A., Parajuli, N., Pardo, J., Parekh, V.V., Parenti, G., Park, J.I., Park, J., Park, O.K., Parker, R., Parlato, R., Parys, J.B., Parzych, K.R., Pasquet, J.M., Pasquier, B., Pasumarthi, K.B., Patschan, D., Patterson, C., Pattingre, S., Pattison, S., Pause, A., Pavenstadt, H., Pavone, F., Pedrozo, Z., Pena, F.J., Penalva, M.A., Pende, M., Peng, J., Penna, F., Penninger, J.M., Pensalfini, A., Pepe, S., Pereira, G.J., Pereira, P.C., Perez‐de la Cruz, V., Perez‐Perez, M.E., Perez‐Rodriguez, D., Perez‐Sala, D., Perier, C., Perl, A., Perlmutter, D.H., Perrotta, I., Pervaiz, S., Pesonen, M., Pessin, J.E., Peters, G.J., Petersen, M., Petrache, I., Petrof, B.J., Petrovski, G., Phang, J.M., Piacentini, M., Pierdominici, M., Pierre, P., Pierrefite‐Carle, V., Pietrocola, F., Pimentel‐Muinos, F.X., Pinar, M., Pineda, B., Pinkas‐Kramarski, R., Pinti, M., Pinton, P., Piperdi, B., Piret, J.M., Platanias, L.C., Platta, H.W., Plowey, E.D., Poggeler, S., Poirot, M., Polcic, P., Poletti, A., Poon, A.H., Popelka, H., Popova, B., Poprawa, I., Poulose, S.M., Poulton, J., Powers, S.K., Powers, T., Pozuelo‐Rubio, M., Prak, K., Prange, R., Prescott, M., Priault, M., Prince, S., Proia, R.L., Proikas‐Cezanne, T., Prokisch, H., Promponas, V.J., Przyklenk, K., Puertollano, R., Pugazhenthi, S., Puglielli, L., Pujol, A., Puyal, J., Pyeon, D., Qi, X., Qian, W.B., Qin, Z.H., Qiu, Y., Qu, Z., Quadrilatero, J., Quinn, F., Raben, N., Rabinowich, H., Radogna, F., Ragusa, M.J., Rahmani, M., Raina, K., Ramanadham, S., Ramesh, R., Rami, A., Randall‐Demllo, S., Randow, F., Rao, H., Rao, V.A., Rasmussen, B.B., Rasse, T.M., Ratovitski, E.A., Rautou, P.E., Ray, S.K., Razani, B., Reed, B.H., Reggiori, F., Rehm, M., Reichert, A.S., Rein, T., Reiner, D.J., Reits, E., Ren, J., Ren, X., Renna, M., Reusch, J.E., Revuelta, J.L., Reyes, L., Rezaie, A.R., Richards, R.I., Richardson, D.R., Richetta, C., Riehle, M.A., Rihn, B.H., Rikihisa, Y., Riley, B.E., Rimbach, G., Rippo, M.R., Ritis, K., Rizzi, F., Rizzo, E., Roach, P.J., Robbins, J., Roberge, M., Roca, G., Roccheri, M.C., Rocha, S., Rodrigues, C.M., Rodriguez, C.I., de Cordoba, S.R., Rodriguez‐Muela, N., Roelofs, J., Rogov, V.V., Rohn, T.T., Rohrer, B., Romanelli, D., Romani, L., Romano, P.S., Roncero, M.I., Rosa, J.L., Rosello, A., Rosen, K.V., Rosenstiel, P., Rost‐Roszkowska, M., Roth, K.A., Roue, G., Rouis, M., Rouschop, K.M., Ruan, D.T., Ruano, D., Rubinsztein, D.C., Rucker, E.B., 3rd Rudich, A., Rudolf, E., Rudolf, R., Ruegg, M.A., Ruiz‐Roldan, C., Ruparelia, A.A., Rusmini, P., Russ, D.W., Russo, G.L., Russo, G., Russo, R., Rusten, T.E., Ryabovol, V., Ryan, K.M., 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