In Vivo Measurement of Intragastric Pressure with a Rubber Balloon in the Anesthetized Rat

Zoltán S. Zádori1, Klára Gyires1

1 Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, Semmelweis University, Budapest
Publication Name:  Current Protocols in Toxicology
Unit Number:  Unit 21.12
DOI:  10.1002/0471140856.tx2112s57
Online Posting Date:  September, 2013
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The protocols described in this unit are designed to measure the intragastric pressure in anesthetized rats by a water‐filled low‐compliance rubber balloon. The balloon is introduced into the stomach either orally (by passing the balloon down the esophagus) or directly via a small incision of the fundus after laparotomy. The effects of both stimulatory (e.g., carbachol) and inhibitory (e.g., oxymetazoline) agents can be evaluated on the gastric tone and phasic contractions. The model allows the evaluation of dose‐response curves and also the time‐course of the effects. Furthermore, by combining centrally or peripherally acting agents the site of action can also be determined. Curr. Protoc. Toxicol. 57:21.12.1‐21.12.11. © 2013 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Keywords: stomach; intragastric pressure; rubber balloon; anesthetized rat

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Basic Protocol 1: Measurement of Intragastric Pressure by Introducing the Balloon via the Mouth
  • Alternate Protocol 1: Measurement of Intragastric Pressure by Introducing the Balloon via the Fundus
  • Reagents and Solutions
  • Commentary
  • Literature Cited
  • Figures
  • Tables
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Basic Protocol 1: Measurement of Intragastric Pressure by Introducing the Balloon via the Mouth

  • Distilled water
  • Male Wistar rats (250 to 350 g)
  • Standard rodent food
  • 25% (w/v) urethane (see recipe)
  • 0.9% (w/v) NaCl (physiological saline; see recipe)
  • Test compounds (carbachol, oxymetazoline; see recipe)
  • Latex condom or latex surgical gloves
  • Cotton thread
  • Esophageal catheter (∼15 to 20‐cm long polyethylene tube with beveled end and 1‐mm diameter)
  • Graduated glass pipets (≥30 cm, with 1‐mm scale)
  • Pressure transducer (e.g., Adinstruments)
  • Laboratory stands and clamps (e.g., Coleparmer)
  • Polyethylene tubes (2‐mm diameter)
  • Tube clamps and connectors (e.g., Harvard Apparatus)
  • Bridge amplifier (e.g., Adinstruments, model fe221)
  • A PC‐based data acquisition system (e.g., Adinstruments, powerlab 4/35 with labchart software)
  • Solid‐bottom polypropylene cages (with minimum 800‐cm2 floor area to house the animals in access‐restricted temperature/light‐controlled rooms)
  • Mesh‐bottom rodent cages (to house the animals before experiments)
  • Animal scale (accuracy ± 1 g, e.g., Mettler Toledo)
  • 1‐ and 2‐ml plastic syringes
  • 22‐ and 25‐G needles
  • Heated surgery table for rats (e.g., 2Biological Instruments;
  • Rectal temperature probe
  • Surgical instruments including:
    • Sharp scissors
    • Two small curved forceps
    • Surgical needles
  • Tracheal cannula (∼2 to 3‐cm long plastic tube with 2‐mm diameter)
  • Venous cannula [∼4 to 5 cm polyethylene tube (PE50) attached to a 22‐G blunt needle] and 1‐ml plastic syringe
  • Stainless steel wire (fitting in the esophageal cannula)
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