Biological Databases

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DNA Motif Databases and Their Uses
Gary D. Stormo
Published online: September 2015
The Importance of Biological Databases in Biological Discovery
Andreas D. Baxevanis, Alex Bateman
Published online: June 2015
Searching and Navigating UniProt Databases
Sangya Pundir, Michele Magrane, Maria J. Martin, Claire O'Donovan, null null
Published online: June 2015
Using CATH‐Gene3D to Analyze the Sequence, Structure, and Function of Proteins
Ian Sillitoe, Tony Lewis, Christine Orengo
Published online: June 2015
Installing a Local Copy of the Reactome Web Site and Knowledgebase
Sheldon J. McKay, Joel Weiser
Published online: June 2015
Investigating Protein Structure and Evolution with SCOP2
Antonina Andreeva, Dave Howorth, Cyrus Chothia, Eugene Kulesha, Alexey G. Murzin
Published online: March 2015
Using the MEROPS Database for Proteolytic Enzymes and Their Inhibitors and Substrates
Neil D. Rawlings, Alan J. Barrett, Alex Bateman
Published online: December 2014
Using the Structure‐Function Linkage Database to Characterize Functional Domains in Enzymes
Shoshana Brown, Patricia Babbitt
Published online: December 2014
Using EMBL‐EBI Services via Web Interface and Programmatically via Web Services
Rodrigo Lopez, Andrew Cowley, Weizhong Li, Hamish McWilliam
Published online: December 2014
How to Prepare Neuroanatomical Image Data
Nathan O'Connor, Susan Tappan, Jacob Glaser
Published online: October 2014
MalaCards: A Comprehensive Automatically‐Mined Database of Human Diseases
Noa Rappaport, Michal Twik, Noam Nativ, Gil Stelzer, Iris Bahir, Tsippi Iny Stein, Marilyn Safran, Doron Lancet
Published online: September 2014
Best Practices for Mapping Replication Origins in Eukaryotic Chromosomes
Emilie Besnard, Romain Desprat, Michael Ryan, Malik Kahli, Mirit I. Aladjem, Jean‐Marc Lemaitre
Published online: September 2014
Molecular Typing of Borrelia burgdorferi
Guiqing Wang, Dionysios Liveris, Priyanka Mukherjee, Sabrina Jungnick, Gabriele Margos, Ira Schwartz
Published online: August 2014
Resources for Small Regulatory RNAs
George W. Bell, Fran Lewitter
Published online: July 2014
The UCSC Genome Browser: What Every Molecular Biologist Should Know
Mary E. Mangan, Jennifer M. Williams, Robert M. Kuhn, Warren C. Lathe
Published online: July 2014
Metaproteomics: Extracting and Mining Proteome Information to Characterize Metabolic Activities in Microbial Communities
Paul E. Abraham, Richard J. Giannone, Weili Xiong, Robert L. Hettich
Published online: June 2014
Using VisANT to Analyze Networks
Zhenjun Hu
Published online: March 2014
Internet Resources in Medical Genetics
Darrel J. Waggoner
Published online: January 2014
mtDNA Variation and Analysis Using Mitomap and Mitomaster
Marie T. Lott, Jeremy N. Leipzig, Olga Derbeneva, H. Michael Xie, Dimitra Chalkia, Mahdi Sarmady, Vincent Procaccio, Douglas C. Wallace
Published online: December 2013
Using the iPlant Collaborative Discovery Environment
Shannon L. Oliver, Andrew J. Lenards, Roger A. Barthelson, Nirav Merchant, Sheldon J. McKay
Published online: June 2013
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