Biological Databases

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Setting Up the JBrowse Genome Browser
Mitchell E. Skinner, Ian H. Holmes
Published online: December 2010
Exploring Zebrafish Genomic, Functional and Phenotypic Data Using ZFIN
Sridhar Ramachandran, Barbara Ruef, Christian Pich, Judy Sprague
Published online: September 2010
Using the Generic Synteny Browser (GBrowse_syn)
Sheldon J. McKay, Ismael A. Vergara, Jason E. Stajich
Published online: September 2010
Web‐Based Analysis and Publication of Flow Cytometry Experiments
Nikesh Kotecha, Peter O. Krutzik, Jonathan M. Irish
Published online: July 2010
Using the Ensembl Genome Server to Browse Genomic Sequence Data
Xosé M. Fernández‐Suárez, Michael K. Schuster
Published online: June 2010
The Publication and Database Deposition of Molecular Interaction Data
Sandra Orchard, Bruno Aranda, Henning Hermjakob
Published online: April 2010
PRIDE: Data Submission and Analysis
Juan Antonio Vizcaíno, Florian Reisinger, Richard Côté, Lennart Martens
Published online: April 2010
Using the NCBI Map Viewer to Browse Genomic Sequence Data
Tyra G. Wolfsberg
Published online: March 2010
Using the DFCI Gene Index Databases for Biological Discovery
Corina Antonescu, Valentin Antonescu, Razvan Sultana, John Quackenbush
Published online: March 2010
miRBase: microRNA Sequences and Annotation
Sam Griffiths‐Jones
Published online: March 2010
Galaxy: A Web‐Based Genome Analysis Tool for Experimentalists
Daniel Blankenberg, Gregory Von Kuster, Nathaniel Coraor, Guruprasad Ananda, Ross Lazarus, Mary Mangan, Anton Nekrutenko, James Taylor
Published online: January 2010
Using the Generic Genome Browser (GBrowse)
Maureen J. Donlin
Published online: December 2009
Extracting Biological Meaning from Large Gene Lists with DAVID
Da Wei Huang, Brad T. Sherman, Xin Zheng, Jun Yang, Tomozumi Imamichi, Robert Stephens, Richard A. Lempicki
Published online: September 2009
PharmGKB: An Integrated Resource of Pharmacogenomic Data and Knowledge
Li Gong, Ryan P. Owen, Winston Gor, Russ B. Altman, Teri E. Klein
Published online: September 2008
Using the MetaCyc Pathway Database and the BioCyc Database Collection
Ron Caspi, Peter D. Karp
Published online: December 2007
Overview of Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS) Database Search Algorithms
Eugene Kapp, Frédéric Schütz
Published online: August 2007
Installing and Configuring CMap
Ben Faga
Published online: March 2007
Searching WormBase for Information about Caenorhabditis elegans
Erich M. Schwarz, Paul W. Sternberg
Published online: July 2006
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