Finding Similarities and Inferring Homologies

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Pooled Lentiviral‐Delivery Genetic Screens
Federica Piccioni, Scott T. Younger, David E. Root
Published online: January 2018
Protein 3D Structure and Electron Microscopy Map Retrieval Using 3D‐SURFER2.0 and EM‐SURFER
Xusi Han, Qing Wei, Daisuke Kihara
Published online: December 2017
The HMMER Web Server for Protein Sequence Similarity Search
Ananth Prakash, Matt Jeffryes, Alex Bateman, Robert D. Finn
Published online: December 2017
Finding Homologs in Amino Acid Sequences Using Network BLAST Searches
Istvan Ladunga
Published online: September 2017
Finding Similar Nucleotide Sequences Using Network BLAST Searches
Istvan Ladunga
Published online: June 2017
Naomi A. Stover, Andre R.O. Cavalcanti
Published online: May 2017
Using Model Organism Databases (MODs)
Stacia R. Engel, Kevin A. MacPherson
Published online: November 2016
Studying RNA Homology and Conservation with Infernal: From Single Sequences to RNA Families
Lars Barquist, Sarah W. Burge, Paul P. Gardner
Published online: June 2016
Finding Protein and Nucleotide Similarities with FASTA
William R. Pearson
Published online: March 2016
Protein Function Prediction: Problems and Pitfalls
William R. Pearson
Published online: September 2015
Clustal Omega
Fabian Sievers, Desmond G. Higgins
Published online: December 2014
Selecting the Right Similarity‐Scoring Matrix
William R. Pearson
Published online: October 2013
An Introduction to Sequence Similarity (“Homology”) Searching
William R. Pearson
Published online: June 2013
Protein Databases on the Internet
Dong Xu
Published online: November 2012
Using BLAT to Find Sequence Similarity in Closely Related Genomes
Medha Bhagwat, Lynn Young, Rex R. Robison
Published online: March 2012
Identifying Functional Annotation for Noncoding Genomic Sequences
Douglas P. Mortlock, Steven Pregizer
Published online: January 2012
Identification of Novel and Known miRNAs in Deep‐Sequencing Data with miRDeep2
Sebastian D. Mackowiak
Published online: December 2011
Protein Structural Domains: Definition and Prediction
Iakes Ezkurdia, Michael L. Tress
Published online: November 2011
Survey of Protein Engineering Strategies
Uwe Bornscheuer, Romas J. Kazlauskas
Published online: November 2011
Using OrthoMCL to Assign Proteins to OrthoMCL‐DB Groups or to Cluster Proteomes Into New Ortholog Groups
Steve Fischer, Brian P. Brunk, Feng Chen, Xin Gao, Omar S. Harb, John B. Iodice, Dhanasekaran Shanmugam, David S. Roos, Christian J. Stoeckert
Published online: September 2011
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