Antibodies as Tools

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Using Antibody Arrays to Measure Protein Abundance and Glycosylation: Considerations for Optimal Performance
Brian B. Haab, Katie Partyka, Zheng Cao
Published online: September 2013
Zinc Fixation for Flow Cytometry Analysis of Intracellular and Surface Epitopes, DNA Content, and Cell Proliferation
Rikke Christensen, David M. Owens, Anette Thomsen, Søren Pedersen, Uffe Birk Jensen
Published online: July 2011
Development of In‐Cell Western Assays Using Far‐Red Fluorophores
Nathan J. Moerke, Gregory R. Hoffman
Published online: March 2011
Efficient Delivery of Antibody Into Living Cells Using Hemagglutinating Virus of Japan (HVJ) Envelope
Yoshitaka Kondo, Keizo Miyata, Fuminori Kato
Published online: April 2010
Detecting Tyrosine‐Phosphorylated Proteins by Western Blot Analysis
Sansana Sawasdikosol
Published online: April 2010
Isolation of Legionella‐Containing Vacuoles by Immuno‐Magnetic Separation
Simon Urwyler, Ivo Finsel, Curdin Ragaz, Hubert Hilbi
Published online: March 2010
Documenting GLUT4 Exocytosis and Endocytosis in Muscle Cell Monolayers
Shuhei Ishikura, Costin N. Antonescu, Amira Klip
Published online: March 2010
Histochemical Methods for the Diagnosis of Mitochondrial Diseases
Boel De Paepe, Jan L. De Bleecker, Rudy Van Coster
Published online: October 2009
Marsha Goldstein, Simon Watkins
Published online: January 2008
Whole‐Mount Immunohistochemistry of the Brain
Se‐Hoon Kim, Priscilla Che, Seung‐Hyuk Chung, Debora Doorn, Monica Hoy, Matt Larouche, Hassan Marzban, Justyna Sarna, Sepehr Zahedi, Richard Hawkes
Published online: August 2006
Analyzing FAK and Pyk2 in Early Integrin Signaling Events
Joie A. Bernard‐Trifilo, Ssang‐Taek Lim, Shihe Hou, David D. Schlaepfer, Dusko Ilic
Published online: April 2006
Immunoisolation of Centrosomes from Drosophila melanogaster
Verena Lehmann, Hannah Müller, Bodo M.H. Lange
Published online: January 2006
The Detection of MAPK Signaling
Yoav Shaul, Rony Seger
Published online: October 2005
Fragmentation of Immunoglobulin G
Sarah M. Andrew, Julie A. Titus
Published online: February 2003
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