Extracellular Matrix

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Traction Force Microscopy in 3‐Dimensional Extracellular Matrix Networks
M. Cóndor, J. Steinwachs, C. Mark, J.M. García‐Aznar, B. Fabry
Published online: June 2017
Generation of 3D Collagen Gels with Controlled Diverse Architectures
Andrew D. Doyle
Published online: September 2016
Isolation of Integrin‐Based Adhesion Complexes
Matthew C. Jones, Jonathan D. Humphries, Adam Byron, Angélique Millon‐Frémillon, Joseph Robertson, Nikki R. Paul, Daniel H. J. Ng, Janet A. Askari, Martin J. Humphries
Published online: March 2015
Sampling Phasic Dopamine Signaling with Fast‐Scan Cyclic Voltammetry in Awake, Behaving Rats
S.M. Fortin, J.J. Cone, S. Ng‐Evans, J.E. McCutcheon, M.F. Roitman
Published online: January 2015
In Situ Detection of Integrin Ligands
Daiji Kiyozumi, Ryoko Sato‐Nishiuchi, Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi
Published online: December 2014
Direct Measurement of Intracellular Pressure
Ryan J. Petrie, Hyun Koo
Published online: June 2014
3‐D Extracellular Matrix from Sectioned Human Tissues
Catherine B. Campbell, Edna Cukierman, Vira V. Artym
Published online: March 2014
Protein O‐Mannosylation in Metazoan Organisms
Vladislav M. Panin, Lance Wells
Published online: February 2014
Purification of Fibronectin
Steven K. Akiyama
Published online: September 2013
Purification of Vitronectin
Steven K. Akiyama
Published online: September 2013
Overview of Extracellular Matrix
Robert P. Mecham
Published online: December 2012
Analyzing Integrin‐Dependent Adhesion
A. Paul Mould
Published online: December 2011
High‐Throughput Lectin Microarray‐Based Analysis of Live Cell Surface Glycosylation
Yu Li, Sheng‐ce Tao, Heng Zhu, Jonathan P. Schneck
Published online: February 2011
Imaging Cells in Three‐Dimensional Collagen Matrix
Vira V. Artym, Kazue Matsumoto
Published online: September 2010
Preparation of Hydrogel Substrates with Tunable Mechanical Properties
Justin R. Tse, Adam J. Engler
Published online: June 2010
Engineering Three‐Dimensional Collagen Matrices to Provide Contact Guidance during 3D Cell Migration
Paolo P. Provenzano, Kevin W. Eliceiri, David R. Inman, Patricia J. Keely
Published online: June 2010
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