Lipids and Fatty Acids

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High Purity Isolation and Sensitive Quantification of Extracellular Vesicles Using Affinity to TIM4
Takeshi Yoshida, Takamasa Ishidome, Rikinari Hanayama
Published online: December 2017
Mass‐Tag Labeling Using Acyl‐PEG Exchange for the Determination of Endogenous Protein S‐Fatty Acylation
Avital Percher, Emmanuelle Thinon, Howard Hang
Published online: August 2017
Protein‐Lipid Interaction by Fluorescence (PLIF) to Characterize and Screen for Inhibitors of Protein‐Phosphoinositide Interactions
Laurie Ceccato, Mélanie Mansat, Bernard Payrastre, Frédérique Gaits‐Iacovoni, Julien Viaud
Published online: August 2017
Isolation of Lipid Droplets from Cells by Density Gradient Centrifugation
Dawn L. Brasaemle, Nathan E. Wolins
Published online: September 2016
Fluorescent Detection of Lipid Droplets and Associated Proteins
Laura L. Listenberger, Andrea M. Studer, Deborah A. Brown, Nathan E. Wolins
Published online: June 2016
Supported Lipid Bilayer Technology for the Study of Cellular Interfaces
Travis J. Crites, Michael Maddox, Kartika Padhan, James Muller, Calvin Eigsti, Rajat Varma
Published online: September 2015
Label‐Free Biomedical Imaging of Lipids by Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy
Prasanna V. Ramachandran, Ayse Sena Mutlu, Meng C. Wang
Published online: January 2015
In Vitro Assays of Lipidation of Mammalian Atg8 Homologs
Isei Tanida, Takashi Ueno, Eiki Kominami
Published online: September 2014
Assessment of Fatty Acid Beta Oxidation in Cells and Isolated Mitochondria
George W. Rogers, Sashi Nadanaciva, Rachel Swiss, Ajit S. Divakaruni, Yvonne Will
Published online: May 2014
Nonradioactive Analysis of Dynamic Protein Palmitoylation
Brent R. Martin
Published online: September 2013
Methods for Studying Rodent Intestinal Lipoprotein Production and Metabolism
Alison B. Kohan, Philip N. Howles, Patrick Tso
Published online: September 2012
Introduction to Membrane Proteins
Mark L. Chiu
Published online: February 2012
Characterization of Whole Body Cholesterol Fluxes in the Mouse
Gemma Brufau, Albert K. Groen
Published online: December 2011
Metabolomics‐Lipidomics of Eicosanoids and Docosanoids Generated by Phagocytes
Rong Yang, Nan Chiang, Sungwhan F. Oh, Charles N. Serhan
Published online: November 2011
Overview of the Measurement of Lipids and Lipoproteins in Mice
Anne Tailleux, Bart Staels
Published online: June 2011
Visualization and Identification of Fatty Acylated Proteins Using Chemical Reporters
Jacob S. Yount, Mingzi M. Zhang, Howard C. Hang
Published online: May 2011
Supported Membrane Formation, Characterization, Functionalization, and Patterning for Application in Biological Science and Technology
Wan‐Chen Lin, Cheng‐Han Yu, Sara Triffo, Jay T. Groves
Published online: December 2010
Listings: 1-20   21-32