Subcellular Fractionation

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Isolation of Cytotoxic T Cell and NK Granules and Purification of Their Effector Proteins
Jerome Thiery, Michael Walch, Danielle K. Jensen, Denis Martinvalet, Judy Lieberman
Published online: June 2010
Isolation of Legionella‐Containing Vacuoles by Immuno‐Magnetic Separation
Simon Urwyler, Ivo Finsel, Curdin Ragaz, Hubert Hilbi
Published online: March 2010
Isolation of Platelet Granules
Juliane Nießen, Gabriele Jedlitschky, Andreas Greinacher, Heyo K. Kroemer
Published online: March 2010
Isolation and Biochemical Characterization of Amyloid Plaques and Paired Helical Filaments
Agueda Rostagno, Jorge Ghiso
Published online: September 2009
Isolation of Neuromelanin Granules
Florian Tribl
Published online: December 2008
Purification of Intact Chloroplasts from Arabidopsis and Spinach Leaves by Isopycnic Centrifugation
Daphné Seigneurin‐Berny, Daniel Salvi, Jacques Joyard, Norbert Rolland
Published online: September 2008
Isolation of Microtubules and Microtubule Proteins
J. Avila, H. Soares, M.L. Fanarraga, J.C. Zabala
Published online: June 2008
Isolation of Amyloplasts
Kay Denyer, Marilyn Pike
Published online: March 2008
Isolation of Renal Brush Borders
D. James Morré, Timothy Hammond
Published online: March 2007
Isolation of Myelin
Jorge N. Larocca, Williams T. Norton
Published online: January 2007
Isolation of Intermediate Filaments
Conrad L. Leung, Ronald K.H. Liem
Published online: July 2006
Isolation of T‐Tubules from Skeletal Muscle
Antonio Zorzano, Marta Camps
Published online: July 2006
Isolation of GLUT4 Storage Vesicles
Konstantin V. Kandror, Paul F. Pilch
Published online: April 2006
Isolation of Intestinal Brush‐Border Membranes
Chris I Cheeseman, Debbie O'Neill
Published online: April 2006
Isolation and Characterization of Exosomes from Cell Culture Supernatants and Biological Fluids
Clotilde Théry, Sebastian Amigorena, Graça Raposo, Aled Clayton
Published online: April 2006
Isolation of Mast Cell Granules
Ken A. Lindstedt, Petri T. Kovanen
Published online: January 2006
Immunoisolation of Centrosomes from Drosophila melanogaster
Verena Lehmann, Hannah Müller, Bodo M.H. Lange
Published online: January 2006
Isolation of Zymogen Granules from Rat Pancreas
Michael J. Rindler
Published online: January 2006
Isolation of Glyoxysomes from Pumpkin Cotyledons
Nicola Harrison‐Lowe, Laura J. Olsen
Published online: January 2006
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