Whole Organism and Tissue Analysis

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Protein Profiling Using Two‐Dimensional Difference Gel Electrophoresis (2‐D DIGE)
Renata Feret, Kathryn S. Lilley
Published online: February 2014
Developmental Toxicity Assays Using the Drosophila Model
Matthew D. Rand, Sara L. Montgomery, Lisa Prince, Daria Vorojeikina
Published online: February 2014
Quantitative Analysis of Surface Expression of Membrane Proteins Using Cold‐Adapted Proteases
Faraz Ahmad, Kai Kaila, Peter Blaesse
Published online: September 2013
Spatiotemporal Control of Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells and in Mice Using the LightOn System
Xianjun Chen, Xue Wang, Zengmin Du, Zhengcai Ma, Yi Yang
Published online: June 2013
Imaging Tumor Cell Movement In Vivo
David Entenberg, Dmitriy Kedrin, Jeffrey Wyckoff, Erik Sahai, John Condeelis, Jeffrey E. Segall
Published online: March 2013
Metabolic Labeling with Noncanonical Amino Acids and Visualization by Chemoselective Fluorescent Tagging
Susanne tom Dieck, Anke Müller, Anne Nehring, Flora I. Hinz, Ina Bartnik, Erin M. Schuman, Daniela C. Dieterich
Published online: September 2012
Chick Embryo Culture and Electroporation
Yukinori Endo
Published online: September 2012
Near‐Infrared Molecular Probes for In Vivo Imaging
Xuan Zhang, Sharon Bloch, Walter Akers, Samuel Achilefu
Published online: April 2012
Peptide Extraction from Formalin‐Fixed Paraffin‐Embedded Tissue
Katherine J. Heaton, Stephen R. Master
Published online: August 2011
High‐Resolution Cell Cycle and DNA Ploidy Analysis in Tissue Samples
Christina Heinlein, Daniel Speidel
Published online: April 2011
Heart Rate and Electrocardiography Monitoring in Mice
David Ho, Xin Zhao, Shumin Gao, Chull Hong, Dorothy E. Vatner, Stephen F. Vatner
Published online: March 2011
Assessment of Ischemic Vascular Damage
Viera Nosál'ová, Ruzena Sotníková
Published online: May 2010
Time‐Lapse Live Imaging of Stem Cells in Drosophila Testis
Jun Cheng, Alan J. Hunt
Published online: November 2009
Histochemical Methods for the Diagnosis of Mitochondrial Diseases
Boel De Paepe, Jan L. De Bleecker, Rudy Van Coster
Published online: October 2009
Overview: Generation of Gene Knockout Mice
Bradford Hall, Advait Limaye, Ashok B. Kulkarni
Published online: September 2009
Manipulation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells for Knockout Mouse Production
Advait Limaye, Bradford Hall, Ashok B. Kulkarni
Published online: September 2009
Generation of Gene Knockout Mice by ES Cell Microinjection
Glenn Longenecker, Ashok B. Kulkarni
Published online: September 2009
Methods Used to Study Respiratory Virus Infection
Emilio Flaño, Nancy A. Jewell, Russell K. Durbin, Joan E. Durbin
Published online: June 2009
Isolation and Differentiation of Xenopus Animal Cap Cells
Takashi Ariizumi, Shuji Takahashi, Te‐chuan Chan, Yuzuru Ito, Tatsuo Michiue, Makoto Asashima
Published online: April 2009
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