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Detection and Isolation of Epichloë Species, Fungal Endophytes of Grasses
Simona Florea, Christopher L. Schardl, Walter Hollin
Published online: August 2015
Isolation, Culture, and Transient Transformation of Plant Protoplasts
Jinbo Shen, Jiaxin Fu, Jin Ma, Xiangfeng Wang, Caiji Gao, ChuXiong Zhuang, Jianmin Wan, Liwen Jiang
Published online: June 2014
Growth Conditions for Plant Virus–Host Studies
Jian‐Zhong Liu, Kristy Richerson, Richard S. Nelson
Published online: August 2009
Preparation and Electroporation of Oat Protoplasts from Cell Suspension Culture
Aurelie M. Rakotondrafara, Jacquelyn R. Jackson, Elizabeth Pettit Kneller, W. Allen Miller
Published online: June 2007
Callus Cultures of Arabidopsis
John C. McCormack, Anne E. Simon
Published online: January 2006
Transfecting Protoplasts by Electroporation to Study Viroid Replication
Xuehua Zhong, Asuka Itaya, Biao Ding
Published online: July 2005
BY‐2 Cells: Culture and Transformation for Live Cell Imaging
Federica Brandizzi, Sarah Irons, Anne Kearns, Chris Hawes
Published online: August 2003