High‐Throughput Assay Design

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Microsphere‐Based Flow Cytometry Protease Assays for Use in Protease Activity Detection and High‐Throughput Screening
Matthew J. Saunders, Bruce S. Edwards, Jingshu Zhu, Larry A. Sklar, Steven W. Graves
Published online: October 2010
Directed Evolution of DNA Polymerases: Construction and Screening of DNA Polymerase Mutant Libraries
Christian Gloeckner, Ramon Kranaster, Andreas Marx
Published online: May 2010
Construction and Use of Glycan Microarrays
Christopher T. Campbell, Yalong Zhang, Jeffrey C. Gildersleeve
Published online: March 2010
Use of Flow Cytometric Methods to Quantify Protein‐Protein Interactions
Levi L. Blazer, David L. Roman, Molly R. Muxlow, Richard R. Neubig
Published online: January 2010
Overview of Liquid Handling Instrumentation for High‐Throughput Screening Applications
Stewart Rudnicki, Sean Johnston
Published online: December 2009
Functional Screening in the Melanophore Bioassay
Channa Jayawickreme, Howard Sauls, Chris Watson, David Moncol, Thomas Rimele, Terry Kenakin
Published online: July 2005
Plug Flow Cytometry
Bruce S. Edwards, Larry A. Sklar
Published online: August 2001
Listings: 1-20   21-40   41-50