Flow Cytometry

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Flow‐Cytometry‐Based Method to Detect Escherichia coli and Shigella Spp. Using 16S rRNA‐Based Probe
Yong Xue, Jon G. Wilkes, Ted J. Moskal, Anna J. Williams, Willie M. Cooper, Dan A. Buzatu
Published online: February 2017
Standardization, Calibration, and Control in Flow Cytometry
Lili Wang, Robert A. Hoffman
Published online: January 2017
Assessment of Telomere Length, Phenotype, and DNA Content
Theodoros Kelesidis, Ingrid Schmid
Published online: January 2017
Measurement of T‐Cell Telomere Length Using Amplified‐Signal FISH Staining and Flow Cytometry
Andrea L. Henning, Danielle E. Levitt, Jakob L. Vingren, Brian K. McFarlin
Published online: January 2017
Identification of Human Memory‐Like NK Cells
Elena I. Kovalenko, Maria A. Streltsova, Leonid M. Kanevskiy, Sophia A. Erokhina, William G. Telford
Published online: January 2017
Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Senescence in Culture and In Vivo
Jing Zhao, Heike Fuhrmann‐Stroissnigg, Aditi U. Gurkar, Rafael R. Flores, Akaitz Dorronsoro, Donna B. Stolz, Claudette M. St. Croix, Laura J. Niedernhofer, Paul D. Robbins
Published online: January 2017
Flow Analysis and Sorting of Plant Chromosomes
Jan Vrána, Petr Cápal, Hana Šimková, Miroslava Karafiátová, Jana Čížková, Jaroslav Doležel
Published online: October 2016
Whole Blood Analysis of Leukocyte‐Platelet Aggregates
Anja J. Gerrits, Andrew L. Frelinger, Alan D. Michelson
Published online: October 2016
Isolation and Assessment of Single Long‐Term Reconstituting Hematopoietic Stem Cells from Adult Mouse Bone Marrow
David G. Kent, Brad J. Dykstra, Connie J. Eaves
Published online: August 2016
A Quantitative Method for Comparing the Brightness of Antibody‐dye Reagents and Estimating Antibodies Bound per Cell
Aaron B. Kantor, Wayne A. Moore, Stephen Meehan, David R. Parks
Published online: July 2016
Measurement and Characterization of Apoptosis by Flow Cytometry
William Telford, Karen Tamul, Jolene Bradford
Published online: July 2016
Measurement of Low‐Abundance Intracellular mRNA Using Amplified FISH Staining and Image‐Based Flow Cytometry
Andrea L. Henning, Jill N. Best Sampson, Brian Keith McFarlin
Published online: April 2016
Large Particle Sorting to Isolate Live Parasitic Nematode Eggs
Alfonso Schmidt, Tiffany Bouchery, Graham Le Gros, Kylie M. Price
Published online: April 2016
Analysis of the Stromal Cellular Components of the Solid Tumor Microenvironment Using Flow Cytometry
Michael Timaner, Ofrat Beyar‐Katz, Yuval Shaked
Published online: March 2016
Expansion of Human Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells on Decellularized Matrix Scaffolds
Abhilasha Tiwari, Melinda L. Tursky, Lakshmi P. Nekkanti, Graham Jenkin, Mark A. Kirkland, Gopal Pande
Published online: February 2016
Quantitative Flow Cytometry Measurements in Antibodies Bound per Cell Based on a CD4 Reference
Lili Wang, Heba Degheidy, Fatima Abbasi, Howard Mostowski, Gerald Marti, Steven Bauer, Robert A. Hoffman, Adolfas K. Gaigalas
Published online: January 2016
Simultaneous, Single‐Cell Measurement of Messenger RNA, Cell Surface Proteins, and Intracellular Proteins
Kah Teong Soh, Joseph D. Tario, Sean Colligan, Orla Maguire, Dalin Pan, Hans Minderman, Paul K. Wallace
Published online: January 2016
Optimized MOL‐PCR for Characterization of Microbial Pathogens
Véronique Wuyts, Nancy H.C. Roosens, Sophie Bertrand, Kathleen Marchal, Sigrid C.J. De Keersmaecker
Published online: January 2016
Immune Cell Phenotyping Using Flow Cytometry
A. Graham Pockley, Gemma A. Foulds, Julie A. Oughton, Nancy I. Kerkvliet, Gabriele Multhoff
Published online: November 2015
Supported Lipid Bilayer Technology for the Study of Cellular Interfaces
Travis J. Crites, Michael Maddox, Kartika Padhan, James Muller, Calvin Eigsti, Rajat Varma
Published online: September 2015
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