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Approaches to Spectral Imaging Hardware
Jeremy M. Lerner, Nahum Gat, Elliot Wachman
Published online: July 2010
3D Deconvolution Microscopy
David S.C. Biggs
Published online: April 2010
Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Kinase Signaling Visualized by Targeted Reporters
Maya T. Kunkel, Alexandra C. Newton
Published online: December 2009
Simon Watkins
Published online: April 2009
Simon Watkins
Published online: April 2009
Flow Cytometric FRET Analysis of ErbB Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Interaction
Simone Diermeier‐Daucher, Gero Brockhoff
Published online: July 2008
From In Vitro to In Vivo: Imaging from the Single Cell to the Whole Organism
Jung Julie Kang, Ildiko Toma, Arnold Sipos, Janos Peti‐Peterdi
Published online: April 2008
Confocal Imaging of Cell Division
Paul S. Maddox
Published online: January 2008
Measuring FRET in Flow Cytometry and Microscopy
Péter Nagy, György Vereb, Sándor Damjanovich, László Mátyus, János Szöllősi
Published online: November 2006
Detecting Protein–Protein Interactions with CFP‐YFP FRET by Acceptor Photobleaching
Tatiana Karpova, James G. McNally
Published online: February 2006
Three‐Dimensional Visualization of Blood and Lymphatic Vasculature in Tissue Whole Mounts Using Confocal Microscopy
Alexandra Eichten, H.‐C. Jennifer Shen, Lisa M. Coussens
Published online: May 2005
Comparative Overview of Flow and Image Cytometry
J. Paul Robinson
Published online: February 2005
Modern Confocal Microscopy
Bartek Rajwa
Published online: February 2005
Combined Immunofluorescence and FISH: New Prospects for Tumor Cell Detection/Identification
Peter F. Ambros, Gábor Méhes
Published online: November 2004
Principles and Applications of PRINS in Cytogenetics
Jørn Koch
Published online: February 2004
Immunophenotyping Using a Laser Scanning Cytometer
Attila Tárnok, Andreas O.H. Gerstner
Published online: February 2003
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