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The Application of Computer‐Based Tools in Obtaining the Genetic Family History
Monica A. Giovanni, Michael F. Murray
Published online: July 2010
Overview of Linkage Analysis in Complex Traits
William S. Bush, Jonathan Haines
Published online: January 2010
Single‐Cell DNA and FISH Analysis for Application to Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
Samuel S. Chong, Robert E. Gore‐Langton, Mark R. Hughes, Stanislawa Weremowicz
Published online: January 2010
Evaluation of the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain and Oxidative Phosphorylation System Using Blue Native Gel Electrophoresis
Francisca Díaz, Antoni Barrientos, Flavia Fontanesi
Published online: October 2009
Isolation and Confirmation of Yersinia pestis Mutants Exempt from Select Agent Regulations
Robert D. Perry, Scott W. Bearden
Published online: November 2008
Multiplexed Detection of Fungal Nucleic Acid Signatures
Mara R. Diaz, Sherry A. Dunbar, James W. Jacobson
Published online: April 2008
Mutation Detection Using Automated Fluorescence‐Based Sequencing
Kate T. Montgomery, Oleg Iartchouck, Li Li, Anoja Perera, Yosuf Yassin, Alex Tamburino, Stephanie Loomis, Raju Kucherlapati
Published online: April 2008
Selection of a Platform for Mutation Detection
Victoria A. Joshi, Debora Mancini‐DiNardo, Birgit H. Funke
Published online: January 2008
MLPA and MAPH: Sensitive Detection of Deletions and Duplications
Johan T. den Dunnen, Stefan J. White
Published online: November 2006
DNA Mutation Detection Using Denaturing High‐Performance Liquid Chromatography (DHPLC)
Bing Yu, Nicole A. Sawyer, Christine Chiu, Peter J. Oefner, Peter A. Underhill
Published online: February 2006
Multiplexed SNP Genotyping Using Primer Single‐Base Extension (SBE) and Microsphere Arrays
Alina Deshpande, Yolanda Valdez, John P. Nolan
Published online: November 2005
BeadCons: Detection of Nucleic Acid Sequences by Flow Cytometry
Douglas Horejsh, Federico Martini, Maria Rosaria Capobianchi
Published online: November 2005
Evaluation of the Cytochrome b5/Cytochrome b5 Reductase Pathway
Lauren A. Trepanier, Sunil U. Bajad, Joseph R. Kurian
Published online: June 2005
Single‐Strand Conformation Polymorphism Analysis Using Capillary Electrophoresis
Lars Allan Larsen, Michael Christiansen, Jens Vuust, Paal Skytt Andersen
Published online: May 2003
Mismatch Detection Using Heteroduplex Analysis
Anne‐Lise Børresen
Published online: August 2002
Single‐Sperm Typing
Sigbjorn Lien, Joanna Szyda, Esther P. Leeflang, Rene Hubert, Lin Zhang, Karin Schmitt, Norman Arnheim
Published online: May 2002
Characterization of (CA)n Microsatellite Repeats from Large‐Insert Clones
Mike Litt, David Browne
Published online: May 2001
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