Fluorescence Microscopy

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Visualizing Genomes with Oligopaint FISH Probes
Brian J. Beliveau, Nicholas Apostolopoulos, Chao‐ting Wu
Published online: January 2014
Imaging mGluR5 Dynamics in Astrocytes Using Quantum Dots
Misa Arizono, Hiroko Bannai, Katsuhiko Mikoshiba
Published online: January 2014
Optical Clearing of Fixed Brain Samples Using SeeDB
Meng‐Tsen Ke, Takeshi Imai
Published online: January 2014
Phenotypic Analysis of BAT versus WAT Differentiation
Matthias Rosenwald, Aliki Perdikari, Elisabeth Weber, Christian Wolfrum
Published online: December 2013
Florence M. Hofman, Clive R. Taylor
Published online: November 2013
Harvesting, Isolation, and Functional Assessment of Primary Vagal Ganglia Cells
Eric Dubuis, Megan Grace, Michael A. Wortley, Mark A. Birrell, Maria G. Belvisi
Published online: October 2013
Probing Endoplasmic Reticulum Dynamics using Fluorescence Imaging and Photobleaching Techniques
Lindsey Costantini, Erik Snapp
Published online: September 2013
Superresolution Imaging with Standard Fluorescent Probes
Bryan A. Millis, Dylan T. Burnette, Jennifer Lippincott‐Schwartz, Bechara Kachar
Published online: September 2013
Assessment of Drug Transporter Function Using Fluorescent Cell Imaging
Kristin M. Bircsak, Christopher J. Gibson, Robert W. Robey, Lauren M. Aleksunes
Published online: September 2013
Assembly of Synapses: Biomimetic Assays to Control Neurexin/Neuroligin Interactions at the Neuronal Surface
Magali Mondin, Béatrice Tessier, Olivier Thoumine
Published online: July 2013
Two‐Photon Excitation Microscopy for the Study of Living Cells and Tissues
Richard K.P. Benninger, David W. Piston
Published online: June 2013
Image Correlation Spectroscopy for Measurements of Particle Densities and Colocalization
Benjamin Rappaz, Paul W. Wiseman
Published online: June 2013
Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (PALM) of Adhesion Complexes
Hari Shroff, Helen White, Eric Betzig
Published online: March 2013
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