Sample Preparation

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Electrophysiological Recordings from Neonatal Neocortical Brain Slices
Michael Daw, John Isaac
Published online: January 2007
Basic Confocal Microscopy
Carolyn L. Smith
Published online: June 2006
Fluorescence Localization After Photobleaching (FLAP)
Graham A. Dunn, Mark R. Holt, Daniel Y. H. Soong, Colin Gray, Daniel Zicha
Published online: October 2004
Immunohistochemical Localization of Proteins in the Nervous System
Laura A. Volpicelli‐Daley, Allan Levey
Published online: February 2004
Measuring Protein Mobility by Photobleaching GFP Chimeras in Living Cells
Erik L. Snapp, Nihal Altan, Jennifer Lippincott‐Schwartz
Published online: August 2003
Basic Neuroanatomical Methods
Charles R. Gerfen
Published online: August 2003
Imaging Nervous System Activity with Voltage‐Sensitive Dyes
Dejan Zecevic, Maja Djurisic, Lawrence B. Cohen, Srdjan Antic, Matt Wachowiak, Chun X. Falk, Michal R. Zochowski
Published online: August 2003
Immunofluorescence Staining
Julie G. Donaldson
Published online: May 2002
Simon Watkins
Published online: May 2001
Counterstaining and Mounting of Autoradiographed In Situ Hybridization Slides
Rolf Zeller, Melissa Rogers
Published online: May 2001
Preparation of Hippocampal Brain Slices
Daniel V. Madison, Eleanore B. Edson
Published online: May 2001
Listings: 1-20   21-40   41-60   61-76