Animal Models

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The Mouse Model of Infection with Citrobacter rodentium
Nicolas Bouladoux, Oliver J. Harrison, Yasmine Belkaid
Published online: November 2017
Gut Microbiome Standardization in Control and Experimental Mice
Kathy D. McCoy, Markus B. Geuking, Francesca Ronchi
Published online: April 2017
Mouse Models of Asthma
Nincy Debeuf, Eline Haspeslagh, Mary van Helden, Hamida Hammad, Bart N. Lambrecht
Published online: June 2016
Mouse Models for Immune‐Mediated Platelet Destruction or Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP)
Anton Neschadim, Donald R. Branch
Published online: April 2016
Hollow‐Fiber Methodology for Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Studies of Antimalarial Compounds
Emily Caton, Elizabeth Nenortas, Rahul P. Bakshi, Theresa A. Shapiro
Published online: March 2016
Models of Inflammation: Carrageenan Air Pouch
Djane B. Duarte, Michael R. Vasko, Jill C. Fehrenbacher
Published online: March 2016
Methods of Inducing Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Mice
Byoungwook Bang, Lenard M. Lichtenberger
Published online: March 2016
Associating Changes in the Immune System with Clinical Diseases for Interpretation in Risk Assessment
Jamie C. DeWitt, Dori R. Germolec, Robert W. Luebke, Victor J. Johnson
Published online: February 2016
Diabetic Retinopathy: Retina‐Specific Methods for Maintenance of Diabetic Rodents and Evaluation of Vascular Histopathology and Molecular Abnormalities
Alexander Veenstra, Haitao Liu, Chieh Allen Lee, Yunpeng Du, Jie Tang, Timothy S. Kern
Published online: September 2015
An Overview of Typical Infections of Research Mice: Health Monitoring and Prevention of Infection
James R. Fahey, Haiyan Olekszak
Published online: September 2015
Heymann Nephritis in Lewis Rats
Yuan Min Wang, Vincent W.S. Lee, Huiling Wu, David C.H. Harris, Stephen I. Alexander
Published online: April 2015
Animal Models for the Analysis of Immune Responses to Leishmaniasis
David L. Sacks, Peter C. Melby
Published online: February 2015
Mouse Model for Pre‐Clinical Study of Human Cancer Immunotherapy
Zhiya Ya, Yared Hailemichael, Willem Overwijk, Nicholas P. Restifo
Published online: February 2015
Glomerulonephritis Induced by Heterologous Anti‐GBM Globulin as a Planted Foreign Antigen
Dragana Odobasic, Joanna R. Ghali, Kim M. O'Sullivan, Stephen R. Holdsworth, A. Richard Kitching
Published online: August 2014
Animal Models for Candidiasis
Heather R. Conti, Anna R. Huppler, Natasha Whibley, Sarah L. Gaffen
Published online: April 2014
Synthetic Polymer as an Adjuvant in Collagen‐Induced Arthritis
Akhilesh Kumar Shakya, Kutty Selva Nandakumar
Published online: March 2014
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