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Enzyme‐Linked Immunosorbent Assays
Peter V. Hornbeck
Published online: August 2015
Oil‐Based Emulsion Vaccine Adjuvants
Virgil E.J.C. Schijns, Marius Strioga, Stephane Ascarateil
Published online: August 2014
Measurement of Peptide Binding to MHC Class II Molecules by Fluorescence Polarization
Liusong Yin, Lawrence J. Stern
Published online: August 2014
Western Blot Assay for Quantitative and Qualitative Antigen Detection in Vaccine Development
Sanjai Kumar, Hong Zheng, Babita Mahajan, Yukiko Kozakai, Merribeth Morin, Emily Locke
Published online: May 2014
Leptospirosis Serodiagnosis by the Microscopic Agglutination Test
Marga G.A. Goris, Rudy A. Hartskeerl
Published online: February 2014
Florence M. Hofman, Clive R. Taylor
Published online: November 2013
Nonhuman Primate Models for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development
Yongjun Sui, Shari Gordon, Genoveffa Franchini, Jay A. Berzofsky
Published online: October 2013
Identification of B Cell and T Cell Epitopes Using Synthetic Peptide Combinatorial Libraries
Clemencia Pinilla, Jon R. Appel, Valeria Judkowski, Richard A. Houghten
Published online: November 2012
Phage Display Selection, Analysis, and Prediction of B Cell Epitopes
Natalia Tarnovitski Freund, David Enshell‐Seijffers, Jonathan M. Gershoni
Published online: August 2009
Monoclonal Antibodies to Human Cell Surface Antigens
Alice Beare, Hannes Stockinger, Heddy Zola, Ian Nicholson
Published online: February 2008
Production of Polyclonal Antisera
Helen M. Cooper, Yvonne Paterson
Published online: January 2008
Overview of Biacore Systems and Their Applications
Laure Jason‐Moller, Michael Murphy, JoAnne Bruno
Published online: September 2006
Using Biacore to Measure the Binding Kinetics of an Antibody‐Antigen Interaction
Michael Murphy, Laure Jason‐Moller, JoAnne Bruno
Published online: September 2006
B Cell Epitope Mapping Using Synthetic Peptides
John Mark Carter, Larry Loomis‐Price
Published online: May 2004
Monoclonal Antibodies to Mouse Cell‐Surface Antigens
Noosheen Alaverdi
Published online: May 2002
Monoclonal Antibody Supernatant and Ascites Fluid Production
Wayne M. Yokoyama
Published online: May 2001
Nucleic Acid Immunizations
Harriet L. Robinson, Tamera M. Pertmer
Published online: May 2001
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