Immune Cell Function

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Measuring Opsonic Phagocytosis via Fcγ Receptors and Complement Receptors on Macrophages
David M. Mosser, Xia Zhang
Published online: November 2011
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Assays
Ulrike Lorenz
Published online: April 2011
Quantitative Assessment of Macrophage Functions in Repair and Fibrosis
Thomas A. Wynn, Luke Barron, Robert W. Thompson, Satish K. Madala, Mark S. Wilson, Allen W. Cheever, Thirumalai Ramalingam
Published online: April 2011
Measuring Mast Cell Mediator Release
Hye Sun Kuehn, Madeleine Radinger, Alasdair M. Gilfillan
Published online: November 2010
Evaluation of Human Natural Killer Cell Activities in Whole Blood
Maren Claus, Carsten Watzl
Published online: November 2010
Measurement of Myeloid Cell Immune Suppressive Activity
Luigi Dolcetti, Elisa Peranzoni, Vincenzo Bronte
Published online: November 2010
Isolation of Cytotoxic T Cell and NK Granules and Purification of Their Effector Proteins
Jerome Thiery, Michael Walch, Danielle K. Jensen, Denis Martinvalet, Judy Lieberman
Published online: June 2010
Isolation of Mononuclear Cells from Tonsillar Tissue
Andrew Johnston, Sigrun L. Sigurdardottir, Judith J. Ryon
Published online: August 2009
Vaccination of Mice with Baculovirus‐Infected Insect Cells Expressing Antigenic Proteins
Kimberly R. Jordan, Fran Crawford, John W. Kappler, Jill E. Slansky
Published online: April 2009
Isolation of Whole Mononuclear Cells from Peripheral Blood and Cord Blood
Ivan J. Fuss, Marjorie E. Kanof, Phillip D. Smith, Heddy Zola
Published online: April 2009
Immunomagnetic Purification of T Cell Subpopulations
Kevin Horgan, Stephen Shaw, Monica Boirivant
Published online: April 2009
Analysis of Immunotoxicity by Enumeration of Antibody‐Producing B Cells
Stacey E. Anderson, Albert E. Munson, Barbara J. Meade
Published online: September 2006
The Reporter Antigen Popliteal Lymph Node Assay
Stefan Nierkens, Raymond Pieters
Published online: September 2006
The Purification and Functional Analysis of Human CD4+CD25high Regulatory T Cells
Clare M. Baecher‐Allan, David A. Hafler
Published online: May 2006
Isolation of Human Monocyte Populations
Larry M. Wahl, Sharon M. Wahl, Lesley E. Smythies, Phillip D. Smith
Published online: January 2006
Isolation and Purification of Human Intestinal Macrophages
Lesley E. Smythies, Larry M. Wahl, Philip D. Smith
Published online: January 2006
Measurement of Fcγ Receptor–Mediated Binding and Phagocytosis
Alexander D. Politis, Stefanie N. Vogel
Published online: September 2005
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