Immune Cell Function

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Measurement of Cytokine Production Using Whole Blood
Cary W. Thurm, John F. Halsey
Published online: May 2005
In Vitro Models of Human T Cell Anergy
Leonard J. Appleman, Vassiliki Boussiotis
Published online: March 2005
Solid‐Phase Immunoassays
Michael A. Lynes
Published online: March 2005
Measuring Lymphocyte Transcription Factor Activity by ELISA
Jesica McCue, Brian Freed
Published online: January 2005
Measuring the Activity of Cytolytic Lymphocytes
B. Paige Lawrence
Published online: January 2005
Identification of Human Antigen‐Specific T Cells Using MHC Class I and Class II Tetramers
Lori A. Krueger, C. Thomas Nugent, Johannes Hampl
Published online: November 2004
Local Lymph Node Assays
Rebecca J. Dearman, Ian Kimber
Published online: June 2004
Measurements of Phagocytosis and Phagosomal Maturation
Chung‐Wai Chow, Gregory P. Downey, Sergio Grinstein
Published online: May 2004
Isolation and Characterization of Human Natural Killer Cell Subsets
Megan A. Cooper, Michael A. Caligiuri
Published online: May 2004
Flow Cytometric Analysis of Cytokine Responses in Stimulated Whole Blood: Simultaneous Quantitation of TNF‐α‐Secreting Cells and Soluble Cytokines
Arancha Rodríguez‐Caballero, Andrés García‐Montero, Clara Bueno, Alberto Orfao
Published online: August 2003
Flow Cytometric Analysis of Calcium Mobilization in Whole‐Blood Platelets
Maria‐do‐Céu Monteiro, Maria‐José Gonçalves, Filipe Sansonetty, José‐Enrique O'Connor
Published online: May 2003
Optical Microscopy–Based Migration Assay for Human Neutrophils
Lynda M. Pierini, Frederick R. Maxfield
Published online: February 2003
Assessment of Phagocyte Functions by Flow Cytometry
Carl‐Fredrik Bassøe
Published online: August 2002
Generation and Maintenance of Cloned Human T Cell Lines
Hans Yssel, Hergen Spits
Published online: May 2002
Generation of HTLV‐I‐Transformed T Cell Lines
Thomas B. Nutman
Published online: May 2002
Cellular Assays of Chemokine Receptor Activation
Amanda E.I. Proudfoot, Christine A. Power, Dennis J. Church, Dulce Soler, Matthias Mack
Published online: November 2001
Preparation and Culture of Human Lymphocytes
William E. Biddison
Published online: May 2001
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