Immunofluorescence and Cell Sorting

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Amine‐Reactive Dyes for Dead Cell Discrimination in Fixed Samples
Stephen P. Perfetto, Pratip K. Chattopadhyay, Laurie Lamoreaux, Richard Nguyen, David Ambrozak, Richard A. Koup, Mario Roederer
Published online: July 2010
Practical Issues in High‐Speed Cell Sorting
Larry W. Arnold, Joanne Lannigan
Published online: January 2010
Fluorescent Staining of Bacteria: Viability and Antibody Labeling
Rita B. Moyes
Published online: November 2009
Methods Used to Study Respiratory Virus Infection
Emilio Flaño, Nancy A. Jewell, Russell K. Durbin, Joan E. Durbin
Published online: June 2009
Multiplexed Analysis of Peptide Antigen‐Specific Antibodies
James E. Drummond
Published online: April 2009
Phenotypic Analysis of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Mark Ungrin, Michael O'Connor, Connie Eaves, Peter W. Zandstra
Published online: August 2007
Characterization of Flow Cytometer Instrument Sensitivity
Robert A. Hoffman, James C.S. Wood
Published online: April 2007
Fluorescence‐Based Sorting of Neural Stem Cells and Progenitors
Dragan Maric, Jeffery L. Barker
Published online: November 2005
Solid‐Phase Immunoassays
Michael A. Lynes
Published online: March 2005
Excitation and Emission Spectra of Common Dyes
Howard M. Shapiro
Published online: November 2004
Compensation in Flow Cytometry
Mario Roederer
Published online: December 2002
Overview of Flow Cytometry
Susan O. Sharrow
Published online: November 2002
Antibody Conjugates for Cell Biology
Rosaria P. Haugland
Published online: May 2001
Optical Filter Sets for Multiparameter Flow Cytometry
Alan Waggoner
Published online: May 2001
High‐Speed Cell Sorting
James F. Leary
Published online: May 2001
Principles of Gating
James C. S. Wood
Published online: May 2001
Light Scatter: Detection and Usage
Gary C. Salzman
Published online: May 2001
Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data
Susan O. Sharrow
Published online: May 2001
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