Ligand‐Receptor Interactions

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Measuring Protein Interactions by Optical Biosensors
Huaying Zhao, Lisa F. Boyd, Peter Schuck
Published online: April 2017
TepiTool: A Pipeline for Computational Prediction of T Cell Epitope Candidates
Sinu Paul, John Sidney, Alessandro Sette, Bjoern Peters
Published online: August 2016
Sigma Receptor Binding Assays
Uyen B. Chu, Arnold E. Ruoho
Published online: December 2015
Overview of Probing Protein‐Ligand Interactions Using NMR
Clémentine Aguirre, Olivier Cala, Isabelle Krimm
Published online: August 2015
Measurement of MHC/Peptide Interactions by Gel Filtration or Monoclonal Antibody Capture
John Sidney, Scott Southwood, Carrie Moore, Carla Oseroff, Clemencia Pinilla, Howard M. Grey, Alessandro Sette
Published online: February 2013
Tachykinin Receptor Assays
Stefania Meini, Carlo Alberto Maggi
Published online: March 2010
The MHC Motif Viewer: A Visualization Tool for MHC Binding Motifs
Nicolas Rapin, Ilka Hoof, Ole Lund, Morten Nielsen
Published online: February 2010
Generation of Peptide MHC Class I Monomers and Multimers Through Ligand Exchange
Mireille Toebes, Boris Rodenko, Huib Ovaa, Ton N.M. Schumacher
Published online: November 2009
Characterizing Protein‐Protein Interactions by Sedimentation Velocity Analytical Ultracentrifugation
Patrick H. Brown, Andrea Balbo, Peter Schuck
Published online: May 2008
Measuring Protein‐Protein Interactions by Equilibrium Sedimentation
Andrea Balbo, Patrick H. Brown, Emory H. Braswell, Peter Schuck
Published online: November 2007
Measurement of Peptide Dissociation from MHC Class II Molecules
Francisco A. Chaves, Andrea J. Sant
Published online: May 2007
Supported Planar Bilayers for Study of the Immunological Synapse
Michael L. Dustin, Toby Starr, Rajat Varma, V. Kaye Thomas
Published online: February 2007
Single‐Cell Analysis of Lipid Rafts in Lymphocytes and in T Cell–Containing Immunoconjugates
William T. Lee, Andrew R. O. Watson
Published online: March 2006
Measuring Lymphocyte Transcription Factor Activity by ELISA
Jesica McCue, Brian Freed
Published online: January 2005
Cytokine, Growth Factor, and Chemokine Ligand Database
Dennis D. Taub
Published online: September 2004
Competition‐Based Cellular Peptide Binding Assay for HLA Class I
Jan H. Kessler, Willemien E. Benckhuijsen, Tuna Mutis, Cornelis J.M. Melief, Sjoerd H. van der Burg, Jan W. Drijfhout
Published online: September 2004
Peptide Induction of Surface Expression of Class I MHC
Ted Hansen, Nancy Myers
Published online: November 2003
Production and Use of HIV‐1 Luciferase Reporter Viruses
Carsten Münk, Nathaniel R. Landau
Published online: November 2003
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