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The In Situ Enzymatic Screening (ISES) Approach to Reaction Discovery and Catalyst Identification
Robert A. Swyka, David B. Berkowitz
Published online: December 2017
Steady‐State Kinetic Analysis of DNA Polymerase Single‐Nucleotide Incorporation Products
Derek K. O'Flaherty, F. Peter Guengerich
Published online: December 2014
Using the Reactome Database
Robin Haw, Lincoln Stein
Published online: June 2012
Nucleotide Analogues as Probes for DNA and RNA Polymerases
Robert D. Kuchta
Published online: June 2010
Structure‐Based pKa Calculations Using Continuum Electrostatics Methods
Carolyn A. Fitch, Bertrand García‐Moreno E.
Published online: January 2007
Identifying Functional Sites Based on Prediction of Charged Group Behavior
Mary Jo Ondrechen
Published online: September 2004