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Overview of qPCR Molecular Probes
Andrei Laikhter
Published online: November 2015
Using Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) to Characterize Agonist‐Induced Arrestin Recruitment to Modified and Unmodified G Protein‐Coupled Receptors
Prashant Donthamsetti, Jose Rafael Quejada, Jonathan A. Javitch, Vsevolod V. Gurevich, Nevin A. Lambert
Published online: September 2015
Quantifying Cellular Dynamics by Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Microscopy
Hernán E. Grecco, Philippe I. H. Bastiaens
Published online: April 2013
Using CellX to Quantify Intracellular Events
Christian Mayer, Sotiris Dimopoulos, Fabian Rudolf, Jörg Stelling
Published online: January 2013
Fluorescent Labeling of Specific Cysteine Residues Using CyMPL
Michael C. Puljung, William N. Zagotta
Published online: November 2012
Using Cell‐ID 1.4 with R for Microscope‐Based Cytometry
Alan Bush, Ariel Chernomoretz, Richard Yu, Andrew Gordon, Alejandro Colman‐Lerner
Published online: October 2012
Evaluating Modulators of “Regulator of G‐protein Signaling” (RGS) Proteins
Dustin E. Bosch, Thomas Zielinski, Robert G. Lowery, David P. Siderovski
Published online: March 2012
Analysis of Multidimensional G‐Quadruplex Melting Curves
Robert D. Gray, Jonathan B. Chaires
Published online: June 2011
Visualization of Kinase Activity with FRET‐Based Activity Biosensors
Charlene Depry, Jin Zhang
Published online: July 2010
Analyzing Binding Data
Harvey J. Motulsky, Richard R. Neubig
Published online: July 2010
Biosensors for Characterizing the Dynamics of Rho Family GTPases in Living Cells
Louis Hodgson, Feimo Shen, Klaus Hahn
Published online: March 2010
Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Kinase Signaling Visualized by Targeted Reporters
Maya T. Kunkel, Alexandra C. Newton
Published online: December 2009
Imaging Protein‐Protein Interactions by Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Microscopy in Live Cells
Joseph A. Brzostowski, Tobias Meckel, Jiang Hong, Alice Chen, Tian Jin
Published online: April 2009
RNA Intramolecular Dynamics by Single‐Molecule FRET
Martin Hengesbach, Andrei Kobitski, Felix Voigts‐Hoffmann, Carina Frauer, G. Ulrich Nienhaus, Mark Helm
Published online: September 2008
From In Vitro to In Vivo: Imaging from the Single Cell to the Whole Organism
Jung Julie Kang, Ildiko Toma, Arnold Sipos, Janos Peti‐Peterdi
Published online: April 2008
Monitoring Protein‐Protein Interactions in Living Cells by Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET)
Fadi F. Hamdan, Yann Percherancier, Billy Breton, Michel Bouvier
Published online: February 2006
Quantitative Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (QFISH) of Telomere Lengths in Tissue and Cells
Jacintha N. O'Sullivan, Jennifer C. Finley, Rosa‐ana Risques, Wen‐Tang Shen, Katherine A. Gollahon, Peter S. Rabinovitch
Published online: August 2005
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