Models of Infectious Disease

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A Mouse Model of West Nile Virus Infection
Jessica B. Graham, Jessica L. Swarts, Jennifer M. Lund
Published online: December 2017
Mouse Model of Burn Wound and Infection: Thermal (Hot Air) Lesion‐Induced Immunosuppression
Henrik Calum, Niels Høiby, Claus Moser
Published online: June 2017
Non‐Typeable Haemophilus influenzae Infection of the Junbo Mouse
Michael T. Cheeseman, Derek W. Hood
Published online: March 2017
A Mouse Model for Ocular Surface Staphylococcus aureus Infection
Zhiyong Zhang, Osama Abdel‐Razek, Guirong Wang
Published online: March 2017
Hollow‐Fiber Methodology for Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Studies of Antimalarial Compounds
Emily Caton, Elizabeth Nenortas, Rahul P. Bakshi, Theresa A. Shapiro
Published online: March 2016
Infant Rabbit Model for Diarrheal Diseases
Sören Abel, Matthew K. Waldor
Published online: August 2015
Animal Models for Candidiasis
Heather R. Conti, Anna R. Huppler, Natasha Whibley, Sarah L. Gaffen
Published online: April 2014
High‐Throughput Screening for Novel Anti‐Infectives Using a C. elegans Pathogenesis Model
Annie L. Conery, Jonah Larkins‐Ford, Frederick M. Ausubel, Natalia V. Kirienko
Published online: March 2014
Matthew S. Tucker, Laksiri B. Karunaratne, Fred A. Lewis, Tori C. Freitas, Yung‐san Liang
Published online: November 2013
A Mouse Model of Foodborne Listeria monocytogenes Infection
Elsa N. Bou Ghanem, Tanya Myers‐Morales, Sarah E.F. D'Orazio
Published online: November 2013
Animal Models of Mycobacteria Infection
Diane J. Ordway, Ian M. Orme
Published online: August 2011
Adult Zebrafish Model of Streptococcal Infection
Hilary A. Phelps, Donna L. Runft, Melody N. Neely
Published online: May 2009
The Ferret Model for Influenza
Yumiko Matsuoka, Elaine W. Lamirande, Kanta Subbarao
Published online: May 2009
The Mouse Model for Influenza
Yumiko Matsuoka, Elaine W. Lamirande, Kanta Subbarao
Published online: May 2009
Experimental Chick Colonization by Campylobacter jejuni
Lindsay Davis, Victor DiRita
Published online: November 2008
Isolation and Molecular Detection of Ehrlichia from Vertebrate Animals
Chuanmin Cheng, Kamesh R. Sirigireddy, Roman R. Ganta
Published online: May 2008
Animal Models of M. tuberculosis Infection
Ian Orme, Mercedes Gonzalez‐Juarrero
Published online: November 2007
Tissue Culture Assays Used to Analyze Invasion by Staphylococcus aureus
Ambrose L. Cheung, Kenneth W. Bayles
Published online: February 2007
Zebrafish and Frog Models of Mycobacterium marinum Infection
Christine L. Cosma, Laura E. Swaim, Hannah Volkman, Lalita Ramakrishnan, J. Muse Davis
Published online: December 2006
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