Models of Neurologic and Psychiatric Disease

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Assessing Cognition in Mice
Sabine M. Hölter, Lillian Garrett, Jan Einicke, Bettina Sperling, Petra Dirscherl, Annemarie Zimprich, Helmut Fuchs, Valerie Gailus‐Durner, Martin Hrabě de Angelis, Wolfgang Wurst
Published online: December 2015
Rodent Models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Thomas Philips, Jeffrey D. Rothstein
Published online: June 2015
Quantification of Glutathione in Caenorhabditis elegans
Samuel W. Caito, Michael Aschner
Published online: May 2015
To Stress or Not to Stress: A Question of Models
J. Megan Gray, Francis Chaouloff, Matthew N. Hill
Published online: January 2015
Examining Object Location and Object Recognition Memory in Mice
Annie Vogel‐Ciernia, Marcelo A. Wood
Published online: October 2014
Overview of Mouse Models of Parkinson's Disease
Wojciech Bobela, Lu Zheng, Bernard L. Schneider
Published online: September 2014
Overview of Mouse Models of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Alexandra L. Bey, Yong‐hui Jiang
Published online: September 2014
In Vivo Electrophysiological Recording Techniques for the Study of Neuropathic Pain in Rodent Models
Fei‐Yue Zhao, Ross Jeggo, Haifeng Wei, Andrew Whyment, Xin Fang, David Spanswick
Published online: September 2014
“Drinking in the Dark” (DID): A Simple Mouse Model of Binge‐Like Alcohol Intake
Todd E. Thiele, John C. Crabbe, Stephen L. Boehm
Published online: July 2014
An Overview of Measuring Impulsive Behavior in Mice
Claire L. Dent, Anthony R. Isles
Published online: June 2014
Rodent Model of Activity‐Based Anorexia
Olaia Carrera, Ángela Fraga, Ricardo Pellón, Emilio Gutiérrez
Published online: April 2014
Electrophysiological Techniques for Studying Synaptic Activity In Vivo
Ross Jeggo, Fei‐Yue Zhao, David Spanswick
Published online: March 2014
Assessing Delay Discounting in Mice
Suzanne H. Mitchell
Published online: January 2014
Overview of Experimental Models of the Blood‐Brain Barrier in CNS Drug Discovery
Alan M. Palmer, Mohammad S. Alavijeh
Published online: October 2013
Intraspinal Transplantation of Mouse and Human Neural Precursor Cells
Jason G. Weinger, Lu Chen, Ronald Coleman, Ronika Leang, Warren C. Plaisted, Jeanne F. Loring, Thomas E. Lane
Published online: September 2013
Incubation of Fear
Charles L. Pickens, Sam A. Golden, Sunila G. Nair
Published online: July 2013
A Choice‐Based Screening Method for Compulsive Drug Users in Rats
Magalie Lenoir, Eric Augier, Caroline Vouillac, Serge H. Ahmed
Published online: July 2013
Social Fear Conditioning as an Animal Model of Social Anxiety Disorder
Iulia Toth, Inga D. Neumann, David A. Slattery
Published online: April 2013
The MAM Rodent Model of Schizophrenia
Daniel J. Lodge
Published online: April 2013
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