Models for Toxicological Analyses

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Metallic Nano‐Composite Toxicity Evaluation by Zebrafish Embryo Toxicity Test with Identification of Specific Exposure Biomarkers
Roberta Pecoraro, Antonio Salvaggio, Fabio Marino, Fabiano Capparucci, Bianca Maria Lombardo, Giuseppina Messina, Elena Maria Scalisi, Maurizio Tummino, Francesco Loreto, Giusi D'Amante, Roberto Avola, Daniele Tibullo, Maria Violetta Brundo
Published online: November 2017
Preparation of Specific Compartments of the Lungs for Pathologic and Biochemical Analysis of Toxicologic Responses
Laura S. Van Winkle, Jacklyn S. Kelty, Charles G. Plopper
Published online: February 2017
Seahorse Xfe24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer‐Based Analysis of Cellular Respiration in Caenorhabditis elegans
Anthony L. Luz, Latasha L. Smith, John P. Rooney, Joel N. Meyer
Published online: November 2015
Determination of Metabolic Stability Using Cryopreserved Hepatocytes from Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Kellie A. Fay, Diane L. Nabb, Robert T. Mingoia, Ina Bischof, John W. Nichols, Helmut Segner, Karla Johanning, Xing Han
Published online: August 2015
Measuring Mitochondrial Membrane Potential with a Tetraphenylphosphonium‐Selective Electrode
António J. Moreno, Dario L. Santos, Sílvia Magalhães‐Novais, Paulo J. Oliveira
Published online: August 2015
To Stress or Not to Stress: A Question of Models
J. Megan Gray, Francis Chaouloff, Matthew N. Hill
Published online: January 2015
Developmental Toxicity Assays Using the Drosophila Model
Matthew D. Rand, Sara L. Montgomery, Lisa Prince, Daria Vorojeikina
Published online: February 2014
Minipigs: Applications in Toxicology
Larry D. Brown, Alain Stricker‐Kongrad, Guy F. Bouchard
Published online: May 2013
In Situ Measurement of Vapor Uptake in the Rodent Upper Respiratory Tract
John B. Morris, Joseph A. Cichocki, Gregory J. Smith
Published online: February 2013
The Fentanyl/Etomidate‐Anesthetized Beagle (FEAB) Model in Safety Pharmacology Assessment
Henk J. van der Linde, Bruno Van Deuren, Yves Somers, Ard Teisman, David J. Gallacher
Published online: September 2011
Overview of Gastrointestinal Toxicology
Gabriella Coruzzi
Published online: February 2010
Methods to Measure Gastric Mucosal Lesions in the Rat
Giuseppina Morini, Daniela Grandi
Published online: February 2010
Use of Medaka in Toxicity Testing
Stephanie Padilla, John Cowden, David E. Hinton, Bonny Yuen, Sheran Law, Seth W. Kullman, Rodney Johnson, Ronald C. Hardman, Kevin Flynn, Doris W.T. Au
Published online: February 2009
Glutamate Cysteine Ligase (GCL) Transgenic and Gene‐Targeted Mice for Controlling Glutathione Synthesis
Isaac Mohar, Dianne Botta, Collin C. White, Lisa A. McConnachie, Terrance J. Kavanagh
Published online: February 2009
Zebrafish: An Animal Model for Toxicological Studies
Chaojie Zhang, Catherine Willett, Trisha Fremgen
Published online: November 2003
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