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An Overview of Typical Infections of Research Mice: Health Monitoring and Prevention of Infection
James R. Fahey, Haiyan Olekszak
Published online: September 2015
To Stress or Not to Stress: A Question of Models
J. Megan Gray, Francis Chaouloff, Matthew N. Hill
Published online: January 2015
Overview of Safety Pharmacology
Sonia Goineau, Martine Lemaire, Guillaume Froget
Published online: December 2013
An Overview of QT Interval Assessment in Safety Pharmacology
Philippe Guillaume, Sonia Goineau, Guillaume Froget
Published online: June 2013
Models of Neurological Disease (Substance Abuse): Self‐Administration in Monkeys
Donna M. Platt, Galen Carey, Roger D. Spealman
Published online: March 2012
The Fentanyl/Etomidate‐Anesthetized Beagle (FEAB) Model in Safety Pharmacology Assessment
Henk J. van der Linde, Bruno Van Deuren, Yves Somers, Ard Teisman, David J. Gallacher
Published online: September 2011
Evaluation of Neurotoxicity Potential in Rats: The Functional Observational Battery
Aurélie Boucard, Anne‐Marie Bétat, Roy Forster, Alain Simonnard, Guillaume Froget
Published online: December 2010
Biosafety: Guidelines for Working with Pathogenic and Infectious Microorganisms
LouAnn C. Burnett, George Lunn, Richard Coico
Published online: May 2009
Orthostatic Hypotension Induced by Postural Change in the Rat (Tilt Test)
Philippe Guillaume, Stéphane Hervé, Sandra Picard, Pierre Lacroix
Published online: March 2008
Head‐Out Plethysmography in Safety Pharmacology Assessment
Jonathan P. Renninger
Published online: July 2006
Respiratory Function Assessment in Safety Pharmacology
Dennis J. Murphy
Published online: August 2003
Emetic Liability Testing in Ferrets
Mark A. Osinski, Terese R. Seifert, Thomas K. Shaughnessy, Gary A. Gintant, Bryan F. Cox
Published online: May 2003
Place Preference Test in Rodents
Sylvain Roux, Christelle Froger, Roger D. Porsolt, Olga Valverde, Rafael Maldonado
Published online: February 2003
Electrocardiographic Toxicity in the Guinea Pig
Pierre Lacroix
Published online: November 2002
Models of Inflammation: Measuring Gastrointestinal Ulceration in the Rat
Phyllis E. Whiteley, Stacie A. Dalrymple
Published online: May 2001
Vigilance‐Controlled Quantified EEG in Safety Pharmacology
N. Dürmüller, R.D. Porsolt, R. Scherschlicht
Published online: May 2001