Strategies in Animal Model Experimentation

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In Vivo Measurement of Intragastric Pressure with a Rubber Balloon in the Anesthetized Rat
Zoltán S. Zádori, Klára Gyires
Published online: September 2013
Gene Delivery to the Airway
Nicholas W. Keiser, John F. Engelhardt
Published online: July 2013
Engineering Customized TALE Nucleases (TALENs) and TALE Transcription Factors by Fast Ligation‐Based Automatable Solid‐Phase High‐Throughput (FLASH) Assembly
Deepak Reyon, Morgan L. Maeder, Cyd Khayter, Shengdar Q. Tsai, Jonathan E. Foley, Jeffry D. Sander, J. Keith Joung
Published online: July 2013
Minipigs: Applications in Toxicology
Larry D. Brown, Alain Stricker‐Kongrad, Guy F. Bouchard
Published online: May 2013
Patient‐Derived Models of Human Breast Cancer: Protocols for In Vitro and In Vivo Applications in Tumor Biology and Translational Medicine
Yoko S. DeRose, Keith M. Gligorich, Guoying Wang, Ann Georgelas, Paulette Bowman, Samir J. Courdy, Alana L. Welm, Bryan E. Welm
Published online: March 2013
Guidelines for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals in Biomedical Research
Susan Jones‐Bolin
Published online: December 2012
Genetic Modifier Screens in Mice
Marina R. Carpinelli, Rachel A. Burt, Benjamin T. Kile
Published online: March 2012
Characterization and Validation of Cre‐Driver Mouse Lines
Françoise Gofflot, Olivia Wendling, Nathalie Chartoire, Marie‐Christine Birling, Xavier Warot, Johan Auwerx
Published online: March 2011
Standardized Post‐Mortem Examination and Fixation Procedures for Mutant and Treated Mice
Cristina Antal, Stéphanie Muller, Olivia Wendling, Yann Hérault, Manuel Mark
Published online: March 2011
Exercise Performance Tests in Mice
Stefan Marcaletti, Charles Thomas, Jérôme N. Feige
Published online: March 2011
Ethical Considerations in Mouse Experiments
Bernard Baertschi, Marcel Gyger
Published online: March 2011
Mouse Breeding and Colony Management
Abdelkader Ayadi, Gisèle Ferrand, Isabelle Goncalves da Cruz, Xavier Warot
Published online: March 2011
Preclinical Mouse Models of Human Prostate Cancer and Their Utility in Drug Discovery
Serk In Park, Sun Jin Kim, Laurie K. McCauley, Gary E. Gallick
Published online: December 2010
Uses of Forward and Reverse Genetics in Mice to Study Gene Function
Carmen A. Argmann, Andree Dierich, Johan Auwerx
Published online: February 2006
Minimizing Variation Due to Genotype and Environment
Carmen A. Argmann, Johan Auwerx
Published online: February 2006
Transgenic Mouse Colony Management
David A. Conner
Published online: August 2005
Regulation of Transgene Expression Using Tetracycline
James Gulick, Jeffrey Robbins
Published online: August 2005
Transgenic Mouse Production By Zygote Injection
David A. Conner
Published online: November 2004
Mouse Colony Management
David A. Conner
Published online: February 2002
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