Surgical Procedures

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Isolation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell–Derived Teratomas for the Assessment of Pluripotency
Karin Gertow, Stefan Przyborski, Jeanne F. Loring, Jonathan M. Auerbach, Olga Epifano, Timo Otonkoski, Ivan Damjanov, Lars Ährlund‐Richter
Published online: October 2007
In Vitro Systems for the Study of T Cell Development: Fetal Thymus Organ Culture and OP9‐DL1 Cell Coculture
Fred Ramsdell, Juan Carlos Zúñiga‐Pflücker, Yousuke Takahama
Published online: March 2006
Modification and Production of BAC Transgenes
Yongsu Jeong, Douglas J. Epstein
Published online: August 2005
Transgenic Mouse Production By Zygote Injection
David A. Conner
Published online: November 2004
Surgical Removal of Mouse Salivary Glands
Stipan Jonjic
Published online: August 2001
John Donovan, Patricia Brown
Published online: May 2001
Removal of Lymphoid Organs
J.P. Reeves, P.A. Reeves
Published online: May 2001
Survival Surgery: Removal of the Spleen or Thymus
J.P. Reeves, P.A. Reeves, L. Thomas Chin
Published online: May 2001
The Day‐3 Thymectomy Model for Induction of Multiple Organ‐Specific Autoimmune Diseases
Elisabeth Suri‐Payer, Kevin Wei, Kenneth Tung
Published online: May 2001
Chimeric Mouse Production by Microinjection
David A. Conner
Published online: May 2001
Microdialysis in Nonhuman Primates
Richard C. Saunders, Bhaskar S. Kolachana, Daniel R. Weinberger
Published online: May 2001
High Precision Stereotaxic Surgery in Mice
Jaime Athos, Daniel R. Storm
Published online: May 2001
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