Combinatorial Methods

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A Functional MicroRNA Screening Method for Organ Morphogenesis
Ivan T. Rebustini
Published online: March 2017
Compartmentalized Self‐Tagging for In Vitro‐Directed Evolution of XNA Polymerases
Vitor B. Pinheiro, Sebastian Arangundy‐Franklin, Philipp Holliger
Published online: June 2014
In Vitro Selection Using Modified or Unnatural Nucleotides
Gwendolyn M. Stovall, Robert S. Bedenbaugh, Shruti Singh, Adam J. Meyer, Paul J. Hatala, Andrew D. Ellington, Bradley Hall
Published online: March 2014
Library Generation by Gene Shuffling
Adam J. Meyer, Jared W. Ellefson, Andrew D. Ellington
Published online: January 2014
Recombineering‐Based Procedure for Creating BAC Transgene Constructs for Animals and Cell Lines
Steven M. Hollenback, Suzanne Lyman, JrGang Cheng
Published online: July 2011
Site‐saturation Mutagenesis: A Powerful Tool for Structure‐Based Design of Combinatorial Mutation Libraries
Evangelia G. Chronopoulou, Nikolaos E. Labrou
Published online: February 2011
Design, Synthesis, and Amplification of DNA Pools for In Vitro Selection
Bradley Hall, John M. Micheletti, Pooja Satya, Krystal Ogle, Jack Pollard, Andrew D. Ellington
Published online: October 2009
In Vitro Selection of RNA Aptamers to a Protein Target by Filter Immobilization
Bradley Hall, Seyed Arshad, Kyunghyun Seo, Catherine Bowman, Meredith Corley, Sulay D. Jhaveri, Andrew D. Ellington
Published online: October 2009
Directed Evolution of Proteins In Vitro Using Compartmentalization in Emulsions
Eric A. Davidson, Paulina J. Dlugosz, Matthew Levy, Andrew D. Ellington
Published online: July 2009
Recombineering‐Based Procedure for Creating Cre/loxP Conditional Knockouts in the Mouse
Jason Bouvier, Jr‐Gang Cheng
Published online: January 2009
Overview of Receptors from Combinatorial Nucleic Acid and Protein Libraries
Andrew D. Ellington
Published online: October 2007
Protein Selection Using mRNA Display
Anthony D. Keefe
Published online: May 2001