Expression Analysis

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Transfection by Electroporation
Huntington Potter, Richard Heller
Published online: January 2018
Metallic Nano‐Composite Toxicity Evaluation by Zebrafish Embryo Toxicity Test with Identification of Specific Exposure Biomarkers
Roberta Pecoraro, Antonio Salvaggio, Fabio Marino, Fabiano Capparucci, Bianca Maria Lombardo, Giuseppina Messina, Elena Maria Scalisi, Maurizio Tummino, Francesco Loreto, Giusi D'Amante, Roberto Avola, Daniele Tibullo, Maria Violetta Brundo
Published online: November 2017
A Detailed Protocol for Subcellular RNA Sequencing (subRNA‐seq)
Andreas Mayer, L. Stirling Churchman
Published online: October 2017
Correlative Fluorescence and Electron Microscopy in 3D—Scanning Electron Microscope Perspective
Jonathan Franks, Callen T. Wallace, Masateru Shibata, Mitsuo Suga, Natasha Erdman, Donna B. Stolz, Simon C. Watkins
Published online: April 2017
A Functional MicroRNA Screening Method for Organ Morphogenesis
Ivan T. Rebustini
Published online: March 2017
Parallel WGA and WTA for Comparative Genome and Transcriptome NGS Analysis Using Tiny Cell Numbers
Christian Korfhage, Evelyn Fricke, Andreas Meier
Published online: July 2015
Whole‐Transcriptome Amplification of Single Cells for Next‐Generation Sequencing
Christian Korfhage, Evelyn Fricke, Andreas Meier
Published online: July 2015
Stranded Whole Transcriptome RNA‐Seq for All RNA Types
David F.B. Miller, Pearlly X. Yan, Fang Fang, Aaron Buechlein, James B. Ford, Haixu Tang, Tim H. Huang, Matthew E. Burow, Yunlong Liu, Douglas B. Rusch, Kenneth P. Nephew
Published online: January 2015
Immunologic Applications of Conditional Gene Modification Technology in the Mouse
Suveena Sharma, Jinfang Zhu
Published online: April 2014
Next‐Generation Sequencing RNA‐Seq Library Construction
Jessica Podnar, Heather Deiderick, Gabriella Huerta, Scott Hunicke‐Smith
Published online: April 2014
Real‐Time PCR
Dean Fraga, Tea Meulia, Steven Fenster
Published online: February 2014
Visualizing Genomes with Oligopaint FISH Probes
Brian J. Beliveau, Nicholas Apostolopoulos, Chao‐ting Wu
Published online: January 2014
Ribosomal RNA Depletion for Efficient Use of RNA‐Seq Capacity
Dominic O'Neil, Heike Glowatz, Martin Schlumpberger
Published online: July 2013
Multiplex Illumina Sequencing Using DNA Barcoding
Koon Ho Wong, Yi Jin, Zarmik Moqtaderi
Published online: January 2013
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