Expression Analysis

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Allosteric Activation of Kinases: Design and Application of RapR Kinases
Andrei V. Karginov, Klaus M. Hahn
Published online: December 2011
ICON Probes: Synthesis and DNA Methylation Typing
Kazuki Tainaka, Akimitsu Okamoto
Published online: December 2011
Construction of Normalized RNA‐seq Libraries for Next‐Generation Sequencing Using the Crab Duplex‐Specific Nuclease
Danos C. Christodoulou, Joshua M. Gorham, Daniel S. Herman, J.G. Seidman
Published online: April 2011
In Situ Hybridization: Fruit Fly Embryos and Tissues
Ronit Wilk, Sreenivasa U.M. Murthy, Haixu Yan, Henry M. Krause
Published online: December 2010
Transfection by Electroporation
Huntington Potter, Richard Heller
Published online: October 2010
Epitope Mapping Using Gram‐Positive Surface Display
Johan Rockberg, John Löfblom, Barbara Hjelm, Stefan Ståhl, Mathias Uhlén
Published online: August 2010
Digital Gene Expression by Tag Sequencing on the Illumina Genome Analyzer
Sorana Morrissy, Yongjun Zhao, Allen Delaney, Jennifer Asano, Noreen Dhalla, Irene Li, Helen McDonald, Pawan Pandoh, Anna‐Liisa Prabhu, Angela Tam, Martin Hirst, Marco Marra
Published online: April 2010
RNA‐Seq: A Method for Comprehensive Transcriptome Analysis
Ugrappa Nagalakshmi, Karl Waern, Michael Snyder
Published online: January 2010
Detection of Extracellular Phosphatase Activity of Heterotrophic Prokaryotes at the Single‐Cell Level by Flow Cytometry
Solange Duhamel, Gerald Gregori, France Van Wambeke, Jiří Nedoma
Published online: July 2009
Pattern Discovery in Expression Profiling Data
Fumiaki Katagiri, Jane Glazebrook
Published online: January 2009
Laser Capture Microdissection
Lu Charboneau, Cloud P. Paweletz, Lance A. Liotta
Published online: May 2001
Detection of Isotype Switch Rearrangement in Bulk Culture by PCR
Edward E. Max, Frederick C. Mills, Charles Chu
Published online: May 2001
Detection of Cytokine mRNA Expression by PCR
Stephen P. James
Published online: May 2001
Preparation of mRNA for Expression Monitoring
Michael C. Byrne, Maryann Z. Whitley, Maximillian T. Follettie
Published online: May 2001
Profiling Human Gene Expression with cDNA Microarrays
Yuan Jiang, John Lueders, Arthur Glatfelter, Chris Gooden, Michael Bittner
Published online: May 2001
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