Gene Regulation

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In Vitro Histone Acetylation Assay
James A.L. Brown
Published online: December 2017
Overview of microRNA Modulation in Analgesic Research
Sujay Ramanathan, Botros B. Shenoda, Seena K. Ajit
Published online: December 2017
In Vitro Validation of miRNA‐Mediated Gene Expression Linked to Drug Metabolism
Botros B. Shenoda, Sujay Ramanathan, Seena K. Ajit
Published online: December 2017
Single‐Assay Profiling of Nucleosome Occupancy and Chromatin Accessibility
April Cook, Jakub Mieczkowski, Michael Y. Tolstorukov
Published online: October 2017
Profiling of Single‐Cell Transcriptomes
Wanze Chen, Vincent Gardeux, Antonio Meireles‐Filho, Bart Deplancke
Published online: September 2017
Overview of Transgenic Mouse Models of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs)
Andrew Dunbar, Abbas Nazir, Ross Levine
Published online: June 2017
Correlative Fluorescence and Electron Microscopy in 3D—Scanning Electron Microscope Perspective
Jonathan Franks, Callen T. Wallace, Masateru Shibata, Mitsuo Suga, Natasha Erdman, Donna B. Stolz, Simon C. Watkins
Published online: April 2017
Transfection by Electroporation
Huntington Potter, Richard Heller
Published online: April 2017
A Functional MicroRNA Screening Method for Organ Morphogenesis
Ivan T. Rebustini
Published online: March 2017
Assays for Acetylation and Other Acylations of Lysine Residues
Nadine Pelletier, Serge Grégoire, Xiang‐Jiao Yang
Published online: February 2017
Overview of Transgenic Glioblastoma and Oligoastrocytoma CNS Models and Their Utility in Drug Discovery
Fuyi Chen, Albert Becker, Joseph LoTurco
Published online: March 2016
Overview of KRAS‐Driven Genetically Engineered Mouse Models of Non‐Small Cell Lung Cancer
Clare Sheridan, Julian Downward
Published online: September 2015
microRNA Profiling as Tool for Developmental Neurotoxicity Testing (DNT)
Lena Smirnova, Andrea E.M. Seiler, Andreas Luch
Published online: May 2015
Resources for Small Regulatory RNAs
George W. Bell, Fran Lewitter
Published online: July 2014
Oncolytic Adenoviruses: Design, Generation, and Experimental Procedures
Julia Davydova, Masato Yamamoto
Published online: July 2013
Genome‐Wide Annotation and Quantitation of Translation by Ribosome Profiling
Nicholas T. Ingolia, Gloria A. Brar, Silvia Rouskin, Anna M. McGeachy, Jonathan S. Weissman
Published online: July 2013
Ribosomal RNA Depletion for Efficient Use of RNA‐Seq Capacity
Dominic O'Neil, Heike Glowatz, Martin Schlumpberger
Published online: July 2013
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