Molecular Interactions

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Synthesis of G‐N2‐(CH2)3‐N2‐G Trimethylene DNA Interstrand Cross‐Links
Francesca Gruppi, Tracy L. Johnson Salyard, Carmelo J. Rizzo
Published online: March 2014
Synthesis of Building Blocks and Oligonucleotides Containing {T}O4‐Alkylene‐O4{T} Interstrand Cross‐Links
Derek K. O'Flaherty, Francis P. McManus, Anne M. Noronha, Christopher J. Wilds
Published online: December 2013
Membrane Vesicle ABC Transporter Assays for Drug Safety Assessment
Carlo J. van Staden, Ryan E. Morgan, Bharath Ramachandran, Yuan Chen, Paul H. Lee, Hisham K. Hamadeh
Published online: November 2012
Crystallography of DNA and RNA G‐Quadruplex Nucleic Acids and Their Ligand Complexes
Nancy Campbell, Gavin W. Collie, Stephen Neidle
Published online: September 2012
Using the Reactome Database
Robin Haw, Lincoln Stein
Published online: June 2012
In Vitro Transcription and Immobilized Template Analysis of Preinitiation Complexes
Justin J. Lin, Michael Carey
Published online: January 2012
Survey of Protein Engineering Strategies
Uwe Bornscheuer, Romas J. Kazlauskas
Published online: November 2011
Identification of Protein‐Protein Interactions by Surface Plasmon Resonance followed by Mass Spectrometry
Alexandra Madeira, Elisabet Vikeved, Anna Nilsson, Benita Sjögren, Per E. Andrén, Per Svenningsson
Published online: August 2011
Use of In Vivo Biotinylation for Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
Arman Kulyyassov, Muhammad Shoaib, Vasily Ogryzko
Published online: June 2011
Resolution of Quadruplex Polymorphism by Size‐Exclusion Chromatography
M. Clarke Miller, John O. Trent
Published online: June 2011
Interaction Trap/Two‐Hybrid System to Identify Interacting Proteins
Erica A. Golemis, Ilya Serebriiskii, Russell L. Finley, Mikhail G. Kolonin (hunt by interaction mating), Jeno Gyuris, Roger Brent
Published online: April 2011
Preparation and Analysis of Glycan Microarrays
Jamie Heimburg‐Molinaro, Xuezheng Song, David F. Smith, Richard D. Cummings
Published online: April 2011
Site‐saturation Mutagenesis: A Powerful Tool for Structure‐Based Design of Combinatorial Mutation Libraries
Evangelia G. Chronopoulou, Nikolaos E. Labrou
Published online: February 2011
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