Mouse Methods

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Developing Genetically Engineered Mouse Models to Study Tumor Suppression
Shunbin Xiong, Jan Parker‐Thornburg, Guillermina Lozano
Published online: March 2012
A Mouse Model for Observational Fear Learning and the Empathetic Response
Daejong Jeon, Hee‐Sup Shin
Published online: October 2011
Generation of Spatio‐Temporally Controlled Targeted Somatic Mutations in the Mouse
Daniel Metzger, Pierre Chambon
Published online: March 2011
Echocardiography in Mice
Shumin Gao, David Ho, Dorothy E. Vatner, Stephen F. Vatner
Published online: March 2011
Imaging Cancer in Mice by PET, CT, and Combined PET‐CT
Francisca Mulero, Luis E. Donate, Manuel Serrano
Published online: March 2011
Lentiviral Vector Mediated Transgenesis
Isabelle Barde, Sonia Verp, Sandra Offner, Didier Trono
Published online: March 2011
Mouse Strains and Genetic Nomenclature
Jean‐Louis Guénet, Fernando J. Benavides
Published online: March 2011
Mouse Models of Human Bladder Cancer as a Tool for Drug Discovery
Catherine Seager, Anna M. Puzio‐Kuter, Carlos Cordon‐Cardo, James McKiernan, Cory Abate‐Shen
Published online: June 2010
Transfection of Mouse Cochlear Explants by Electroporation
Elizabeth C. Driver, Matthew W. Kelley
Published online: April 2010
Mapping Lineage Using BAC‐Cre Reporter Lines
Qing Xu, Stewart A. Anderson
Published online: January 2010
Overview: Generation of Gene Knockout Mice
Bradford Hall, Advait Limaye, Ashok B. Kulkarni
Published online: September 2009
Manipulation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells for Knockout Mouse Production
Advait Limaye, Bradford Hall, Ashok B. Kulkarni
Published online: September 2009
Generation of Gene Knockout Mice by ES Cell Microinjection
Glenn Longenecker, Ashok B. Kulkarni
Published online: September 2009
Overview: Engineering Transgenic Constructs and Mice
Naoto Haruyama, Andrew Cho, Ashok B. Kulkarni
Published online: March 2009
Generation of Transgenic Mice
Andrew Cho, Naoto Haruyama, Ashok B. Kulkarni
Published online: March 2009
Dietary Manipulation of Mouse Metabolism
Jérôme N. Feige, Marie Lagouge, Johan Auwerx
Published online: October 2008
Tissue Collection for Systematic Phenotyping in the Mouse
Cristina Antal, Marius Teletin, Olivia Wendling, Mounzer Dgheem, Johan Auwerx, Manuel Mark
Published online: October 2007
Histopathology in Mouse Metabolic Investigations
Manuel Mark, Marius Teletin, Cristina Antal, Olivia Wendling, Johan Auwerx, Sami Heikkinen, Konstantin Khetchoumian, Carmen A. Argmann, Mounzer Dgheem
Published online: April 2007
Evaluation of Glucose Homeostasis
Sami Heikkinen, Carmen A. Argmann, Marie‐France Champy, Johan Auwerx
Published online: January 2007
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