Preclinical Models of Neurologic and Psychiatric Disease

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Daun02 Inactivation of Behaviorally Activated Fos‐Expressing Neuronal Ensembles
Eisuke Koya, Gabriella Margetts‐Smith, Bruce T. Hope
Published online: July 2016
Studying Socio‐Affective Communication in Rats through Playback of Ultrasonic Vocalizations
Markus Wöhr, Dominik Seffer, Rainer K.W. Schwarting
Published online: April 2016
The Revised Neurobehavioral Severity Scale (NSS‐R) for Rodents
Angela M. Yarnell, Erin S. Barry, Andrea Mountney, Deborah Shear, Frank Tortella, Neil E. Grunberg
Published online: April 2016
Latent Sensitization: A Model for Stress‐Sensitive Chronic Pain
Juan Carlos Marvizon, Wendy Walwyn, Ani Minasyan, Wenling Chen, Bradley K. Taylor
Published online: April 2015
Overview of Mouse Models of Parkinson's Disease
Wojciech Bobela, Lu Zheng, Bernard L. Schneider
Published online: September 2014
Overview of Mouse Models of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Alexandra L. Bey, Yong‐hui Jiang
Published online: September 2014
“Drinking in the Dark” (DID): A Simple Mouse Model of Binge‐Like Alcohol Intake
Todd E. Thiele, John C. Crabbe, Stephen L. Boehm
Published online: July 2014
An Overview of Measuring Impulsive Behavior in Mice
Claire L. Dent, Anthony R. Isles
Published online: June 2014
The 3‐NP Model of Striatal Neurodegeneration
Emmanuel Brouillet
Published online: April 2014
Assessing Delay Discounting in Mice
Suzanne H. Mitchell
Published online: January 2014
Overview of Experimental Models of the Blood‐Brain Barrier in CNS Drug Discovery
Alan M. Palmer, Mohammad S. Alavijeh
Published online: October 2013
Incubation of Fear
Charles L. Pickens, Sam A. Golden, Sunila G. Nair
Published online: July 2013
A Choice‐Based Screening Method for Compulsive Drug Users in Rats
Magalie Lenoir, Eric Augier, Caroline Vouillac, Serge H. Ahmed
Published online: July 2013
Animal Models of Post‐Traumatic Stress Disorder
Hagit Cohen, Michael A. Matar, Zohar Joseph
Published online: July 2013
Models of Depression: Unpredictable Chronic Mild Stress in Mice
Mathieu Nollet, Anne‐Marie Le Guisquet, Catherine Belzung
Published online: June 2013
Social Fear Conditioning as an Animal Model of Social Anxiety Disorder
Iulia Toth, Inga D. Neumann, David A. Slattery
Published online: April 2013
The MAM Rodent Model of Schizophrenia
Daniel J. Lodge
Published online: April 2013
Blast Traumatic Brain Injury in the Rat Using a Blast Overpressure Model
Angela M. Yarnell, Michael C. Shaughness, Erin S. Barry, Stephen T. Ahlers, Richard M. McCarron, Neil E. Grunberg
Published online: January 2013
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