Nucleosides and Nucleotides

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Synthesis of 5‐Aminoimidazole‐4‐Carboxamide Riboside (AICAR) and Its Derivatives Using Inosine as Starting Material
Stefano D'Errico, Giorgia Oliviero, Nicola Borbone, Vincenzo Piccialli, Gennaro Piccialli
Published online: December 2015
Facile Access to 5′‐S‐(4,4′‐Dimethoxytrityl)‐2′,5′‐Dideoxyribonucleosides via Stable Disulfide Intermediates
Chandra Shekhar Reddy L., Vivek K. Sharma, Rajesh Kumar, Ankita Singh, Virinder S. Parmar, Yogesh S. Sanghvi, Ashok K. Prasad
Published online: September 2015
Fluorous‐Assisted Synthesis of (E)‐5‐[3‐Aminoallyl]‐Uridine‐5′‐O‐Triphosphate
Anilkumar R. Kore, Bo Yang, Balasubramanian Srinivasan
Published online: March 2015
Microwave‐Assisted Phosphitylation of DNA and RNA Nucleosides and Their Analogs
Tim Efthymiou, Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy
Published online: March 2015
Synthesis of γ‐Phosphate‐Labeled and Doubly Labeled Adenosine Triphosphate Analogs
Stephan M. Hacker, Moritz Welter, Andreas Marx
Published online: March 2015
Symmetrical Diamidate Prodrugs of Nucleotide Analogues for Drug Delivery
Fabrizio Pertusati, Christopher McGuigan, Michaela Serpi
Published online: March 2015
Steady‐State Kinetic Analysis of DNA Polymerase Single‐Nucleotide Incorporation Products
Derek K. O'Flaherty, F. Peter Guengerich
Published online: December 2014
Olefin Cross‐Metathesis for the Synthesis of Alkenyl Acyclonucleoside Phosphonates
Maxime Bessières, Coralie De Schutter, Vincent Roy, Luigi A. Agofoglio
Published online: December 2014
Practical Synthesis of 4′‐Thioribonucleosides Starting from D‐Ribose
Noriaki Minakawa, Akira Matsuda
Published online: December 2014
Synthesis and Characterization of Benzylidene Acetal–Type Bridged Nucleic Acids (BA‐BNA)
Tetsuya Kodama, Kunihiko Morihiro, Satoshi Obika
Published online: September 2014
Synthesis of 5′‐O‐DMT‐2′‐O‐TBS Mononucleosides Using an Organic Catalyst
Sunggi Lee, Thomas P. Blaisdell, Pinar Kasaplar, Xixi Sun, Kian L. Tan
Published online: June 2014
Synthesis of Acetylene‐Substituted Probes with Benzene‐Phosphate Backbones for RNA Labeling
Yoshiaki Kitamura, Yoshihito Ueno, Yukio Kitade
Published online: June 2014
Synthesis of 8‐Oxoguanosine Phosphoramidite and Its Incorporation into Oligoribonucleotides
Yosuke Taniguchi, Yohei Koga, Shigeki Sasaki
Published online: March 2014
Synthesis of Triazole‐Nucleoside Phosphoramidites and Their Use in Solid‐Phase Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Brandon J. Peel, Tim C. Efthymiou, Jean‐Paul Desaulniers
Published online: December 2013
Synthesis of Building Blocks and Oligonucleotides Containing {T}O4‐Alkylene‐O4{T} Interstrand Cross‐Links
Derek K. O'Flaherty, Francis P. McManus, Anne M. Noronha, Christopher J. Wilds
Published online: December 2013
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