Nucleosides and Nucleotides

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Synthesis of Peptidomimetic Conjugates of Cyclic Nucleoside Phosphonates
Michaela Serpi, Ivan S. Krylov, Valeria M. Zakharova, Charles E. McKenna
Published online: December 2010
Preparation of DNA and RNA Fragments Containing Guanine N2‐Thioalkyl Tethers
Xiaorong Hou, Gang Wang, Barbara L. Gaffney, Roger A. Jones
Published online: June 2010
Cross‐Coupling Modification of Nucleoside Triphosphates, PEX, and PCR Construction of Base‐Modified DNA
Hana Macickova‐Cahová, Milan Vrábel, Michal Hocek
Published online: February 2010
Nonenzymatic Oligomerization of Activated Nucleotides on Hairpin Templates
Eun‐Kyong Kim, Christopher Switzer
Published online: December 2009
Nucleoside Modification with Boron Clusters and Their Metal Complexes
Blazej A. Wojtczak, Agnieszka B. Olejniczak, Zbigniew J. Lesnikowski
Published online: September 2009
Unnatural Nucleosides with Unusual Base Pairing Properties
Donald E. Bergstrom
Published online: June 2009
O6‐(Benzotriazol‐1‐yl)inosine Derivatives for C6 Modification of Purine Nucleosides
Suyeal Bae, Surendra Chaturvedi, Mahesh K. Lakshman
Published online: March 2009
Synthesis of 5‐Formyl‐2′‐Deoxyuridine and Its Incorporation into Oligodeoxynucleotides
Kousuke Sato, Wataru Hirose, Akira Matsuda
Published online: December 2008
Synthesis of 2′‐Cyclohexenylnucleosides and Corresponding CeNA Building Blocks
Feng‐Wu Liu, Alberto Di Salvo, Piet Herdewijn
Published online: June 2008
Solid‐Supported Diphosphitylating and Triphosphitylating Reagents for Nucleoside Modification
Yousef Ahmadibeni, Keykavous Parang
Published online: June 2008
Stereoselective Synthesis of Sugar Nucleotides Using Neighboring Group Participation
Shannon C. Timmons, David L. Jakeman
Published online: December 2007
Synthesis of Altritol Nucleoside Phosphoramidites for Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Mikhail Abramov, Piet Herdewijn
Published online: September 2007
Nucleobase‐Caged Phosphoramidites for Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Alexander Heckel
Published online: June 2007
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