Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

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Automated Patch Clamp Analysis of nAChα7 and NaV1.7 Channels
Alison Obergrussberger, Claudia Haarmann, Ilka Rinke, Nadine Becker, David Guinot, Andrea Brueggemann, Sonja Stoelzle‐Feix, Michael George, Niels Fertig
Published online: June 2014
Assessment of Fatty Acid Beta Oxidation in Cells and Isolated Mitochondria
George W. Rogers, Sashi Nadanaciva, Rachel Swiss, Ajit S. Divakaruni, Yvonne Will
Published online: May 2014
Overview of Electrophysiological Techniques
Alan D. Wickenden
Published online: March 2014
Characterization of GABA Receptors
S.J. Enna, Kenneth E. McCarson
Published online: December 2013
Overview of Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) and Mechanisms of Their Regulation: Implications for Cancer Therapy
Bin Bao, Aamir Ahmad, Asfar S. Azmi, Shadan Ali, Fazlul H. Sarkar
Published online: June 2013
The Human Kinome and Kinase Inhibition
Krisna C. Duong‐Ly, Jeffrey R. Peterson
Published online: March 2013
α‐Adrenoceptor Assays
Peter W. Abel, Neha Jain
Published online: December 2012
Adaptation of Stem Cells to 96‐Well Plate Assays: Use of Human Embryonic and Mouse Neural Stem Cells in the MTT Assay
Rachel Z. Behar, Vasundhra Bahl, Yuhuan Wang, Jo‐Hao Weng, Sabrina C. Lin, Prue Talbot
Published online: November 2012
High Throughput Functional Assays for P2X Receptors
Marian T. Namovic, Michael F. Jarvis, Diana Donnelly‐Roberts
Published online: June 2012
Measurement of Action Potential Generation in Isolated Canine Left Ventricular Midmyocardial Myocytes
Daniel M. Johnson, Leyla Hussein, Roel L.H.M.G. Spätjens, Jean‐Pierre Valentin, Paul G.A. Volders, Najah Abi‐Gerges
Published online: December 2011
Endogenous Gastric Mediators: Patho‐Physiological Role and Measurements
Stanislaw J. Konturek, Wladysław Bielanski, Peter C. Konturek, Thomas Brzozowski
Published online: August 2010
In Vitro Muscarinic Receptor Radioligand‐Binding Assays
Tod Steinfeld, M. Teresa Pulido‐Rios, Scott Armstrong, Sharath S. Hegde
Published online: March 2010
Tachykinin Receptor Assays
Stefania Meini, Carlo Alberto Maggi
Published online: March 2010
In Vitro Assay of Angiogenesis: Inhibition of Capillary Tube Formation
Sharon McGonigle, Victor Shifrin
Published online: December 2008
Assessment of Cell Viability in Primary Neuronal Cultures
Mandar A. Aras, Karen A. Hartnett, Elias Aizenman
Published online: July 2008
Electrophysiology of Airway Nerves
Allen C. Myers
Published online: December 2007
Toxicology Testing in Drug Discovery and Development
Michael A. Dorato, Lorrene A. Buckley
Published online: February 2007
Toxicity Testing in Chemical Safety Evaluation
James S. Bus
Published online: February 2007
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