Drug Discovery Technologies

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Overview of Drug Discovery and Development
Mark A. Ator, John P. Mallamo, Michael Williams
Published online: December 2006
In Vitro Species Comparisons and Metabolite Identification
Paul Dow
Published online: October 2006
Practical Aspects of Radioligand Binding
Michael McKinney, Rita Raddatz
Published online: July 2006
Receptors as Drug Targets
Michael Williams, Rita Raddatz
Published online: April 2006
Overview of Signal Transduction
Timothy A. Esbenshade, Emir Duzic
Published online: January 2006
Assay of Receptor‐Stimulated Phosphoinositide Turnover
David A. Kendall, Stephen P.H. Alexander
Published online: October 2005
Overview of Approaches to the Identification of Inhibitors of Cytokine Action
Joseph R. Woska,, Jeanne Magram
Published online: January 2005
Overview on the Use of Therapeutic Antibodies in Drug Discovery
Michael Roguska, Zehra Kaymakcalan, Jochen Salfeld
Published online: January 2005
Hepatic Clearance and Drug Metabolism Using Isolated Perfused Rat Liver
Yong Liu, Steven J. Weber, Emmanuel T. Onua
Published online: October 2004
Uptake Studies for Evaluating Activity of Efflux Transporters in a Cell Line Representative of the Blood‐Brain Barrier
Peter S. Silverstein, D. Nedra Karunaratne, Kenneth L. Audus
Published online: February 2004
Overview of Microarrays in Drug Discovery and Development
Jeffrey F. Waring
Published online: July 2003
Place Preference Test in Rodents
Sylvain Roux, Christelle Froger, Roger D. Porsolt, Olga Valverde, Rafael Maldonado
Published online: May 2003
Tissue Expression Profiling Using Real‐Time PCR
Jay C. Strum, Kevin M. Carrick, Joan S. Stuart, Shelby A. Martensen
Published online: November 2002
In Vivo Measurement of Blood‐Brain Barrier Permeability
Kathleen M.K. Boje
Published online: August 2002
In Vivo Measurement of Blood‐Brain Barrier Permeability
Kathleen M.K. Boje
Published online: August 2001
Enzymatic Amplification of DNA by PCR: Standard Procedures and Optimization
Martha F. Kramer, Donald M. Coen
Published online: August 2001
Mobility Shift DNA‐Binding Assay Using Gel Electrophoresis
Stephen Buratowski, Lewis A. Chodosh
Published online: August 2001
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