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Animal Model of Chronic Migraine‐Associated Pain
Laura S. Moye, Amynah A. A. Pradhan
Published online: July 2017
Functional Studies of Sodium Channels: From Target to Compound Identification
Daniel Bertrand, Bruno Biton, Thomas Licher, Jean‐Marie Chambard, Christophe Lanneau, Michel Partiseti, Isabel A. Lefevre
Published online: December 2016
Models of Inflammation: Carrageenan Air Pouch
Djane B. Duarte, Michael R. Vasko, Jill C. Fehrenbacher
Published online: March 2016
In Vivo Electrophysiological Recording Techniques for the Study of Neuropathic Pain in Rodent Models
Fei‐Yue Zhao, Ross Jeggo, Haifeng Wei, Andrew Whyment, Xin Fang, David Spanswick
Published online: September 2014
Animal Models of Post‐Traumatic Stress Disorder
Hagit Cohen, Michael A. Matar, Zohar Joseph
Published online: July 2013
Rodent Models of Colorectal Distension
Siobhain M. O'Mahony, Monica Tramullas, Patrick Fitzgerald, John F. Cryan
Published online: October 2012
In Vitro Opioid Receptor Assays
David A. Taylor
Published online: December 2011
Behavioral Measures of Pain Thresholds
Michael S. Minett, Kathryn Quick, John N. Wood
Published online: September 2011
Animal Models of Collagen‐Induced Arthritis
Stéphanie Wagner, Julien Bindler, Emile Andriambeloson
Published online: December 2008
A Model of Cystitis Pain in the Mouse
Liza Leventhal, Brian Strassle
Published online: December 2008
Animal Models of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: The STZ Rat Model
Thomas J. Morrow
Published online: November 2004
Models of Muscle Pain: Carrageenan Model and Acidic Saline Model
Rajan Radhakrishnan, Marie K. Hoeger Bement, David Skyba, Kathleen A. Sluka, Lois J. Kehl
Published online: September 2004
Models of Visceral Pain: Colorectal Distension (CRD)
R. Carter W. Jones, G.F. Gebhart
Published online: September 2004
A Rat Model of Postoperative Pain
Timothy J. Brennan
Published online: May 2004
Models of Neuropathic Pain in the Rat
Gary J. Bennett, Jin Mo Chung, Marie Honore (Table 5.32.2), Ze'ev Seltzer
Published online: July 2003
Models of Neuropathic Pain in the Rat
Gary J. Bennett, Jin Mo Chung, Marie Honore, Ze'ev Seltzer
Published online: May 2003
Dural Inflammation Model of Migraine Pain
Lee A. Phebus, Kirk W. Johnson
Published online: May 2001
Neuropeptide Y (NPY) Receptor Assays
Alex Daniels, Wallace Harrington
Published online: May 2001
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