Safety Pharmacology/Toxicology

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Use of Human Embryoid Bodies for Teratology
Anthony Flamier, Supriya Singh, Theodore P. Rasmussen
Published online: February 2018
Development of an In Vitro Method to Estimate the Sensitization Induction Level of Contact Allergens
Valentina Galbiati, Sue Gibbs, Erwin Roggen, Emanuela Corsini
Published online: February 2018
Assessment of Bile Salt Export Pump (BSEP) Inhibition in Membrane Vesicles Using Radioactive and LC/MS‐Based Detection Methods
Lisa D. Marroquin, Paul D. Bonin, Julie Keefer, Thomas Schroeter
Published online: February 2017
In Vitro Drug Metabolism Using Liver Microsomes
Kathleen M. Knights, David M. Stresser, John O. Miners, Charles L. Crespi
Published online: September 2016
Use of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell–Derived Cardiomyocytes (hiPSC‐CMs) to Monitor Compound Effects on Cardiac Myocyte Signaling Pathways
Liang Guo, Sandy Eldridge, Mike Furniss, Jodie Mussio, Myrtle Davis
Published online: September 2015
Using the Cytosensor Microphysiometer to Assess Ocular Toxicity
Jennifer R. Nash, Greg Mun, Hans A. Raabe, Rodger Curren
Published online: August 2014
A High‐Throughput (HTS) Assay for Enzyme Reaction Phenotyping in Human Recombinant P450 Enzymes Using LC‐MS/MS
Xiaofeng Li, Tom Suhar, Lateca Glass, Ganesh Rajaraman
Published online: March 2014
Overview of Electrophysiological Techniques
Alan D. Wickenden
Published online: March 2014
Functional Characterization of Human Stem Cell–Derived Cardiomyocytes
Glenn E. Kirsch, Carlos A. Obejero‐Paz, Andrew Bruening‐Wright
Published online: March 2014
Overview of Safety Pharmacology
Sonia Goineau, Martine Lemaire, Guillaume Froget
Published online: December 2013
Overview of Experimental Models of the Blood‐Brain Barrier in CNS Drug Discovery
Alan M. Palmer, Mohammad S. Alavijeh
Published online: October 2013
An Overview of QT Interval Assessment in Safety Pharmacology
Philippe Guillaume, Sonia Goineau, Guillaume Froget
Published online: June 2013
Minipigs: Applications in Toxicology
Larry D. Brown, Alain Stricker‐Kongrad, Guy F. Bouchard
Published online: May 2013
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