Mass Spectrometry

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Application of SWATH Proteomics to Mouse Biology
Yibo Wu, Evan G. Williams, Ruedi Aebersold
Published online: June 2017
Characterization of Protein Content Present in Exosomes Isolated from Conditioned Media and Urine
Ankit Sinha, Javier Alfaro, Thomas Kislinger
Published online: February 2017
Analysis of Protein O‐GlcNAcylation by Mass Spectrometry
Junfeng Ma, Gerald W. Hart
Published online: February 2017
Assessment of Bile Salt Export Pump (BSEP) Inhibition in Membrane Vesicles Using Radioactive and LC/MS‐Based Detection Methods
Lisa D. Marroquin, Paul D. Bonin, Julie Keefer, Thomas Schroeter
Published online: February 2017
Mass Spectrometry‐Based Bottom‐Up Proteomics: Sample Preparation, LC‐MS/MS Analysis, and Database Query Strategies
Matthew J. Wither, Kirk C. Hansen, Julie A. Reisz
Published online: November 2016
Global Proteomics Analysis of Protein Lysine Methylation
Xing‐Jun Cao, Benjamin A. Garcia
Published online: November 2016
Metabolic Profiling and Quantification of Neurotransmitters in Mouse Brain by Gas Chromatography‐Mass Spectrometry
Christian Jäger, Karsten Hiller, Manuel Buttini
Published online: September 2016
Large‐Scale Identification of the Arginine Methylome by Mass Spectrometry
Kathrine B. Sylvestersen, Michael L. Nielsen
Published online: November 2015
Using PepExplorer to Filter and Organize De Novo Peptide Sequencing Results
Felipe da Veiga Leprevost, Valmir C. Barbosa, Paulo Costa Carvalho
Published online: September 2015
Digestion, Purification, and Enrichment of Protein Samples for Mass Spectrometry
Victoria E. Hedrick, Mercedes N. LaLand, Ernesto S. Nakayasu, Lake N. Paul
Published online: September 2015
Preparing Protein Extracts for Quantitative Two‐Dimensional Gel Comparison
Cécile Lelong, Thierry Rabilloud
Published online: April 2015
Scoring Large‐Scale Affinity Purification Mass Spectrometry Datasets with MiST
Erik Verschueren, John Von Dollen, Peter Cimermancic, Natali Gulbahce, Andrej Sali, Nevan J. Krogan
Published online: March 2015
Using pLink to Analyze Cross‐Linked Peptides
Sheng‐Bo Fan, Jia‐Ming Meng, Shan Lu, Kun Zhang, Hao Yang, Hao Chi, Rui‐Xiang Sun, Meng‐Qiu Dong, Si‐Min He
Published online: March 2015
BioTAP‐XL: Cross‐linking/Tandem Affinity Purification to Study DNA Targets, RNA, and Protein Components of Chromatin‐Associated Complexes
Artyom A. Alekseyenko, Kyle A. McElroy, Hyuckjoon Kang, Barry M. Zee, Peter V. Kharchenko, Mitzi I. Kuroda
Published online: January 2015
DXMSMS Match Program for Automated Analysis of LC‐MS/MS Data Obtained Using Isotopically Coded CID‐Cleavable Cross‐Linking Reagents
Evgeniy V. Petrotchenko, Karl A.T. Makepeace, Christoph H. Borchers
Published online: December 2014
Analysis of Protein Composition Using Multidimensional Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry
Andrew J. Link, Michael P. Washburn
Published online: November 2014
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