Mass Spectrometry

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Overview of Peptide and Protein Analysis by Mass Spectrometry
Guoan Zhang, Roland S. Annan, Steven A. Carr, Thomas A. Neubert
Published online: October 2014
Middle‐Down and Top‐Down Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Co‐occurring Histone Modifications
Rosalynn C. Molden, Benjamin A. Garcia
Published online: August 2014
Employing ProteoWizard to Convert Raw Mass Spectrometry Data
Jerry D. Holman, David L. Tabb, Parag Mallick
Published online: June 2014
Using PeptideAtlas, SRMAtlas, and PASSEL: Comprehensive Resources for Discovery and Targeted Proteomics
Ulrike Kusebauch, Eric W. Deutsch, David S. Campbell, Zhi Sun, Terry Farrah, Robert L. Moritz
Published online: June 2014
Metaproteomics: Extracting and Mining Proteome Information to Characterize Metabolic Activities in Microbial Communities
Paul E. Abraham, Richard J. Giannone, Weili Xiong, Robert L. Hettich
Published online: June 2014
Quantitative Protein Analysis Using Enzymatic [18O]Water Labeling
Mary Joan Castillo, Kristy J. Reynolds, Alexander Gomes, Catherine Fenselau, Xudong Yao
Published online: April 2014
Experimental and Computational Tools for Analysis of Signaling Networks in Primary Cells
Erwin M. Schoof, Rune Linding
Published online: February 2014
Protein Profiling Using Two‐Dimensional Difference Gel Electrophoresis (2‐D DIGE)
Renata Feret, Kathryn S. Lilley
Published online: February 2014
STRAP PTM: Software Tool for Rapid Annotation and Differential Comparison of Protein Post‐Translational Modifications
Jean L. Spencer, Vivek N. Bhatia, Stephen A. Whelan, Catherine E. Costello, Mark E. McComb
Published online: December 2013
Simultaneous, Untargeted Metabolic Profiling of Polar and Nonpolar Metabolites by LC‐Q‐TOF Mass Spectrometry
Jay S. Kirkwood, Claudia Maier, Jan F. Stevens
Published online: May 2013
Access Guide to Human Proteinpedia
Babylakshmi Muthusamy, Joji Kurian Thomas, T.S. Keshava Prasad, Akhilesh Pandey
Published online: March 2013
Proteomics and the Analysis of Proteomic Data: 2013 Overview of Current Protein‐Profiling Technologies
Can Bruce, Kathryn Stone, Erol Gulcicek, Kenneth Williams
Published online: March 2013
PatternLab: From Mass Spectra to Label‐Free Differential Shotgun Proteomics
Paulo C. Carvalho, Juliana S. G. Fischer, Tao Xu, John R. Yates, Valmir C. Barbosa
Published online: December 2012
Byonic: Advanced Peptide and Protein Identification Software
Marshall Bern, Yong J. Kil, Christopher Becker
Published online: December 2012
Metallomics Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Brian J. Vaccaro, Angeli L. Menon, W. Andrew Lancaster, Michael W. W. Adams
Published online: September 2012
Removal of Detergents from Proteins and Peptides in a Spin‐Column Format
Babu S. Antharavally
Published online: August 2012
Nanostructure‐Initiator Mass Spectrometry (NIMS) for the Analysis of Enzyme Activities
Wolfgang Reindl, Kai Deng, Xiaoliang Cheng, Anup K. Singh, Blake A. Simmons, Paul D. Adams, Trent R. Northen
Published online: June 2012
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