RNA Interference

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AAV9 Delivery of shRNA to the Mouse Heart
Hiroko Wakimoto, J.G. Seidman, Roger S.Y. Foo, Jianming Jiang
Published online: July 2016
RNA Interference and MicroRNA‐Mediated Silencing
Sylvia E.J. Fischer
Published online: October 2015
Gene Silencing by RNAi in Mammalian Cells
Frida Ponthan, Narazah Mohd Yusoff, Natalia Martinez Soria, Olaf Heidenreich, Kelly Coffey
Published online: July 2015
Synthesis of Site‐Specifically Phosphate‐Caged siRNAs
Li Wu, Jie Wang, Xinjing Tang
Published online: June 2015
RNA Interference in Caenorhabditis elegans
Darryl Conte, Lesley T. MacNeil, Albertha J.M. Walhout, Craig C. Mello
Published online: January 2015
Quantitative Analysis of HSV Gene Expression during Lytic Infection
Anne‐Marie W. Turner, Jesse H. Arbuckle, Thomas M. Kristie
Published online: November 2014
Resources for Small Regulatory RNAs
George W. Bell, Fran Lewitter
Published online: July 2014
Synthesis of 5′‐O‐DMT‐2′‐O‐TBS Mononucleosides Using an Organic Catalyst
Sunggi Lee, Thomas P. Blaisdell, Pinar Kasaplar, Xixi Sun, Kian L. Tan
Published online: June 2014
2′‐Hydroxy Protection of Ribonucleosides as 2‐Cyano‐2,2‐Dimethylethanimine‐N‐Oxymethyl Ethers in Solid‐Phase Synthesis of RNA Sequences
Jacek Cieślak, Cristina Ausín, Andrzej Grajkowski, Serge L. Beaucage
Published online: October 2013
Overexpression Models: Lentiviral Modeling of Brain Cancer
Dinorah Friedmann‐Morvinski, Oded Singer
Published online: June 2013
Synthesis of a North‐Methanocarba‐Thymidine (N‐MCT) Analog
Andrew Thompson, Victor E. Marquez
Published online: December 2012
Comparative ncRNA Gene and Structure Prediction Using Foldalign and FoldalignM
Jakob Havgaard, Simranjeet Kaur, Jan Gorodkin
Published online: September 2012
Synthesis of Dumbbell‐Shaped Cyclic RNAs for RNA Interference
Naoko Abe, Hiroshi Abe, Yoshihiro Ito
Published online: March 2012
Generation of Inducible shRNAi Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines
Stuart Avery
Published online: September 2011
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